Single Case Research Methodology: Applications in Special Education and Behavioral Sciences

Jennifer R. Ledford, David L. Gast
Routledge, 19. sij 2018. - Broj stranica: 436
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Single Case Research Methodology, 3rd Edition presents a thorough, technically sound, user-friendly, and comprehensive discussion of single case research methodology. This book can serve as a detailed and complex reference tool for students, researchers, and practitioners who intend to conduct single case research design studies; interpret findings of single case design studies; or write proposals, manuscripts, or reviews of single case methodology research. The authors present a variety of single case research studies with a wide range of participants, including preschoolers, K-12 students, university students, and adults in a variety of childcare, school, clinical, and community settings, making the book relevant across multiple disciplines in social, educational, and behavioral science including special and general education; school, child, clinical, and neuropsychology; speech, occupational, recreation, and physical therapy; and social work.


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Ethical Principles and Practices in Research
Literature Reviews Research Proposals
Dependent Variables Measurement and Reliability
Independent Variables Fidelity and Social Validity
Visual Representation of Data
Visual Analysis of Graphic Data
Visual Analysis for ABAB Withdrawal
Multiple Baseline and Multiple Probe Designs
Comparative Designs
Visual Analysis for Multitreatment
Evaluating Quality and Rigor in Single Case Research
Choosing an Appropriate Research
Synthesis and Metaanalysis of Single Case Research

Withdrawal and Reversal Designs

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O autoru (2018)

Jennifer R. Ledford is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education at Vanderbilt University.

David L. Gast is Professor Emeritus of Special Education in the Department of Communication Science and Special Education at the University of Georgia.

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