Slike stranica
[blocks in formation]


N allowing, at the earnest request of those to


whom they were delivered, the publication of the following Lectures, the Author respectfully expresses his regret that the pressing duties laid upon him preclude his preparation of them for the press. Much that was delivered extempore is necessarily omitted, and no one is more conscious than himself of the imperfect way in which what remains has been expressed in his manuscript.




IN opening a course of Lectures to the unattached Students of this University, I desire to establish a perfect frankness of communication between my auditors and myself. I conceive that, among the large and important number to which these Students have now attained, there may probably be many who will take an interest, more or less direct, in the subject of clerical life, of clerical duties, and of the clerical order. Some of these may have it in contemplation to seek admission hereafter themselves to the sacred ministry; but whether this be so or not, I am anxious that the Students should feel that their position in the University is watched with interest by many, and that if there be among them those whose bent is towards that science which was once considered the mother and mistress of all sciences, THEOLOGY, they may know that among the Fathers of the Church of England, there is one (who believes himself to be but a type of many more), who would fain lend them a helping hand in realizing not only the principles, but also the practices and duties of that sacred calling, whereon, more than on any profession


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