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Society, 1913
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Some vols of the Publications include reports of the society and lists of members.

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Stranica cxi - Thou spares, alas ! who cannot be thy guest. Since I am thine, O come, but with that face To inward light which thou art wont to show, With feigned solace ease a true-felt woe; Or if, deaf god, thou do deny that grace, Come as thou wilt, and what thou wilt bequeath, I long to kiss the image of my death.
Stranica xxxi - The third requisite in our poet or maker is imitation: to be able to convert the substance or riches of another poet to his own use.
Stranica xxxviii - To pore, and in his mysteries to creep, With thunders he and lightnings blasts their sight. O Sun invisible, that dost abide Within thy bright abysms, most fair, most dark, Where with thy proper rays thou dost thee hide ! O ever-shining, never full-seen mark ! To guide me in life's night thy light me show, The more I search of thee, the less I know.
Stranica 3 - I did their burning rays behold, Nor voice, whose sounds more strange effects do show Than of the Thracian harper have been told. Look to this dying lily, fading rose, Dark hyacinth, of late whose blushing beams Made all the neighbouring herbs and grass rejoice, And think how little is 'twixt life's extremes...
Stranica cxxii - My judgment dazzled, passing brightest stars, And then mine eyes en-isle themselves with floods. Turn to their springs again first shall the floods, Clear shall the sun the sad and gloomy night, To dance about the pole cease shall the stars, The elements renew their ancient wars Shall first, and be depriv'd...
Stranica 147 - Or blame th' attempt presuming so to soar; The mounting venture for a high delight Did make the honour of the fall the more. For who gets wealth, that puts not from the shore ? Danger hath honour, great designs their fame; Glory doth follow, courage goes before ; And though th' event oft answers not the same — Suffice that high attempts have never shame.
Stranica xxxi - ... not as a creature that swallows what it takes in crude, raw, or undigested, but that feeds with an appetite, and hath a stomach to concoct, divide, and turn all into nourishment...
Stranica 30 - And though it sometimes seem of its own might Like to an eye of gold to be fix'd there, And firm to hover in that empty height, That only is because it is so light. — But in that pomp it doth not long appear; For when 'tis most admired, in a thought, Because it erst was nought, it turns to nought.
Stranica xxxv - YJIPHS, sister nymphs, which haunt this crystal brook, And, happy, in these floating bowers abide, Where trembling roofs of trees from sun you hide, Which make ideal woods in every crook ; Whether ye garlands for your locks provide, Or pearly letters seek in sandy book, Or count your loves when Thetis was a bride, Lift up your golden heads and on me look.
Stranica 136 - If French can yet three parts in one agree; What now the Dutch in their full diets boast; How Holland hearts, now so good...

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