Catalogue of the Dante Collection Presented by Willard Fiske: Pt. 2. Works on Dante (H-Z). Supplement

The Library, 1900 - Broj stranica: 606

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Stranica 334 - Contents: Dante as a Religious Teacher, Especially in Relation to Catholic Doctrine.— Beatrice.— The Classification of Sins in the "Inferno" and "Purgatorio."— Dante's Personal Attitude towards Different Kinds of Sin.— Unity and Symmetry of Design in the "Purgatorio."— Dante and Sicily.— The Genuineness of the "Quaestio de aqua et terra...
Stranica 274 - Stories from the Italian Poets : Being a Summary in Prose of the Poems of Dante, Pulci, Boiardo, Ariosto, and Tasso ; with Comments throughout, occasional passages Versified, and Critical Notices of the Lives and Genius of the Authors. By LEIGH HUNT.
Stranica 431 - Crown 8vo, is. 6d. SHORE (ARABELLA)— DANTE FOR BEGINNERS : a Sketch of the " Divina Commedia." With Translations, Biographical and Critical Notices, and Illustrations. With Portrait. Crown 8vo, 6s.
Stranica 478 - Pasquale. The two first centuries of Florentine history : the republic and parties at the time of Dante.
Stranica 307 - DISCORSO OVVERO DIALOGO , In cui si esamina se la lingua , in cui scrissero Dante, il Boccaccio, e il Petrarca, ^ si debba chiamare ITALIANA , TOSCANA , O FIORENTINA...
Stranica 430 - Guide Pratique de la langue italienne, ou Cours élémentaire et progressif de littérature italienne, pour faciliter l'étude de cette langue par le moyen de deux traductions, l'une interlinéaire, l'autre en regard, aussi fidèle que possible, suivant toutefois le génie de la langue française, 1 thick vol. 12mo. 1833 5...
Stranica 333 - Contributions to the Textual Criticism of the Divina Commedia. Including the complete collation throughout the Inferno of all the MSS.
Stranica 478 - Cours de littérature française. Littérature du moyen âge, en France, en Italie, en Espagne et en Angleterre, Paris, 1830, tome ii, pp. 206-212, 214-217, 227. [p. 2ocl Ce n'est qu'au milieu du xiv...
Stranica 4 - ... sense of irremediable loss, eternal pain, a future endless without hope, than the rigid dignity of this not ignoble sinner's dread. Just below is the place to which the doomed are sinking. Michelangelo reverted to Dante for the symbolism chosen to portray hell. Charon, the demon, with eyes of burning coal, compels a crowd of spirits in his ferryboat. They land and are received by devils, who drag them before Minos, judge of the infernal regions. He towers at the extreme right end of the fresco,...
Stranica 326 - An historical Sketch illustrative of the Life and Times of Dante Alighieri, with an Outline of the legendary history of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise previous to the Divina Commedia. Florence, 1865. 12°. VIII, 292 pp. Mit Portr. Í gifa. 20 ?ici: 676. Nottebohm, Get. Ein Skizzenbnch von Beethoven. Beschrieben und in Auszügen dargestellt. Leipzig, 1865. Breitkopf If Härtel. 4°.

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