Sierra Leone: Diamonds and the Struggle for Democracy

Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2001 - Broj stranica: 175
Sierra Leone's bitter experience with civil war garnered international attention only after the May 1997 coup, though the conflict between the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and successive governments has raged for at least a decadeagainst the backdrop of more than three decades of progressive state collapse. John Hirsch traces Sierra Leone's downward spiral, drawing on his first-hand experience as U.S. ambassador in Freetown in 1995-1998. Hirsch analyzes the historical, social, and economic contexts of the ongoing struggle, as well as the impacts of regional and international powers. Topics covered include the exploitation of mineral resources in the country, the involvement of private security forces, and the flawed efforts at peace negotiations. Without sustained international intervention, he cautions, it is unlikely that Sierra Leonea microcosm of much of Africa's postCold War experiencecan achieve stability and a renewal of democratic institutions.

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List of Illustrations
Origins of the Crisis
From Military Rule to the 1996 Elections
The Kabbah Presidency and the ArmyRUF Coup
Negotiating Peace
Assessment and Prospects
Postscript September 1 2000
The Lomé Peace Agreement
Selected Bibliography
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