The History of Germany: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time, Opseg 2

H.G. Bohn, 1849
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Stranica 4 - L'ossa del corpo mio sarieno ancora In co' del ponte presso a Benevento, Sotto la guardia della grave mora. Or le bagna la pioggia e move il vento Di fuor dal regno, quasi lungo il Verde, Ove le trasmutò a lume spento.
Stranica 110 - Alberto tedesco ch'abbandoni costei ch'è fatta indomita e selvaggia, e dovresti inforcar li suoi arcioni, giusto giudicio da le stelle caggia sovra '1 tuo sangue, e sia novo e aperto, tal che '1 tuo successor temenza n'aggia!
Stranica 368 - Heilbronn was almost totally burnt down ; the inhabitants were either butchered or cruelly tortured. To pillage and murder succeeded famine and pestilence. The population of the duchy of Wurtemberg was reduced from half a million to forty-eight thousand souls. The Jesuits took possession of the old Lutheran university of Tubingen. Osiander, the chancellor of the university, unmoved by the example of his weaker brethren, who recanted in order to retain their offices and dignities, bravely knocked...
Stranica 110 - Nave aenza nocchiero in gran tempesta ; Non donna di provincie, ma bordello ! Ahi gente che dovresti esser devota, E lasciar seder Cesar ne la sella, Se bene intendi ci6 che Dio ti nota ! Guarda com' esta fiera e fatta fella, Per non esser corretta dagli sproni, Poiche ponesti mano a la predella.
Stranica 200 - Max inherited the physical strength of his grandmother, Cimburga of Poland, and the mental qualities of his Portuguese mother, surpassed all other knights in chivalric feats, was modest, gentle, and amiable. Mary confessed to the assembled estates of the Netherlands, that she had already interchanged letters and rings with him, and the marriage was resolved upon. Max hastened to Ghent, and, mounted on a brown steed, clothed in...
Stranica 154 - AD 1397. THIRD PERIOD. THE AGE OF THE REFORMATION. May God now help us, and give us one of the trumpets with which the walls of Jericho were thrown down, that we may also blow round these paper walls and loosen the Christian rods for the punishment of sins, in order that we may correct ourselves by chastisement.— LUTHER. PART XIV. THE HUSSITE WARS. CLXXXIII. Sigmund. WE have now arrived at that stormy period when the wornout empire of the middle ages, shaken from within and without, fell in ruins,...
Stranica 12 - Mostrocci un' ombra dall' un canto sola, Dicendo : Colui fesse, in grembo a Dio, Lo cuor che in sul Tamigi ancor si cola. Poi vidi genti, che di fuor del rio Tenean la testa e ancor tutto il casso : E di costoro assai riconobb
Stranica 270 - ... were exposed to the utmost cruelty and tyranny, but the religion of each separate country was rendered dependent on the caprice of the reigning prince ; of this the Pfalz offered a sad example, the religion of the people being thus four times arbitrarily changed. The struggles of nature and of reason were powerless against the executioner, the stake, and the sword.
Stranica 493 - Kara Mustapha, into Hungary, whilst he invaded the western frontier of the empire in person. Terror marched in the Turkish van. The retreat of the weak imperial army under the duke, Charles of Lorraine, under whom the Margrave, Louis of Baden, who afterwards acquired such fame, served, became a disorderly flight. The Turks reached the gates of Vienna unopposed. The emperor fled, leaving the city under the command of...
Stranica 200 - Ghent, and, mounted on a brown steed, clothed in silver-gilt armor, his long blond locks crowned with a bridegroom's wreath resplendent with pearls and precious stones, rode into the city, where he was met by Mary. The youthful pair, on beholding one another, knelt in the public street and sank into each other's arms. "Welcome art thou to me, thou noble German," said the young duchess, "whom I have so long desired and now behold with delight!

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