Post-Cold War Identity Politics: Northern and Baltic Experiences

Marko Lehti, David James Smith
Psychology Press, 2003 - Broj stranica: 320
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During the past decade northern Europe has started to assume an identity of its own. Categories of East and West have become blurred, challenging as well the idea of what it means to be Nordic.

Post-Cold War Identity Politics maps this process in Scandinavia. Looking at projects designed to help regional development in the Nordic countires, it assesses whether a new way of defining 'Northern-ness' is emerging. The book highlights the existence of co-existing and - to some extent - competing region-building projects in northern Europe. It demonstrates how they are all efforts by existing nations to redefine their role in Europe at a time of change, and points to how they might develop in the future.

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Possessing a Baltic Europe Retold National Narratives in the European North
Nordic Near Abroad or New Northern Europe? Perspectives on PostCold War Regional Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Area
Past Politics in NorthEastern Europe The Role of History in PostCold War Identity Politics
From Modern to PostModern RegionBuilding Emancipating the Finnish Nation from the State
The Encounter between the Nordic and the Northern Torn Apart but Meeting Again?
Looking for Neighbours Origins and Development of Latvian Rhetoric on Nordic Closeness
Regional Security All or Nothing at All?
Estonia and Europe A Common Identity or an Identity Crisis?
Paradise Regained The Conceptualization of Europe in the Lithuanian Debate
The Baltic States in Russian Foreign Policy Discourse Can Russia Become a Baltic Country?
PostSoviet Geopolitics in the North of Europe
Clash of the Boundaries? The European Union and Russia in the Northern Dimension
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