Grammar & Not-grammar: Selected Scripts and Essays

YYZ Books, 2006 - Broj stranica: 250
There are two kinds of grammarians, those who describe and those who prescribe. In the academic world, the prescribers are usually viewed as the conservative old guard. The descriptarians are usually seen as the activists, young bucks who believe the task of grammarians is to map or chart how speakers use their language and note its changes over time.

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Alien Seaman
April 1967
Nonsense and Experimental Film
Dinosaur and the Evolutionary Imperative
Notes on Experimentalism
Brain Worm
Carl Andres Overalls
Grammar Lesson
If Horses Had Gods
Limbic Moments
Mead Lake
P NotP
Reflections on Art and Politics at Decades
Reinke Interviewing Kibbins
Short History of Water 245 Speculative Grammar by Matias Viegener

Flaming Creatures

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O autoru (2006)

Gary Kibbins is an artist, writer and educator, currently teaching in the Department of Film Studies at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. His works have been widely show nationally and internationally.

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