Working Memory in Perspective

Jackie Andrade
Psychology Press, 2001 - Broj stranica: 325

The Baddeley and Hitch (1974) Working Memory model holds a central place in experimental psychology and continues to be extremely successful in guiding and stimulating research in applied and theoretical domains. Yet the model now faces challenges from conflicting data and competing theories. In this book, experienced researchers in the field address the question: Will the model survive these challenges? They explain why it is so successful, evaluate its weaknesses with respect to opposing data and theories and present their vision of the future of the model in their particular area of research. The book includes a discussion of the "Episodic Buffer" component which has recently been added to the working memory model.
The result is a comprehensive and critical assessment of the working memory model and its contribution to current research in human cognition, cognitive development, neuroscience and computational modelling. Furthermore, this collection serves as a case study to illustrate the range of factors that determine the success or failure of a theory and as a forum for discussing what researchers want from scientific theories. The book begins with an accessible introduction to the model for those new to the field and explains the empirical methods used in working memory research. It concludes by highlighting areas of consensus and suggesting a programme of research to address issues of continuing controversy. Working Memory in Perspective will be a valuable resource to students and researchers alike in the fields of human memory, language, thought and cognitive development.

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An introduction to working memory
Imagery and the visuospatial sketchpad
The contribution of working memory to conscious
The working memory model in adult aging research
Applying the working memory model to the study
Neural working memory
Reevaluating the wordlength effect
A critique of the working memory model
Reflections on the concept of the central executive
Specifying the central executive may require complexity
Consensus controversy
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O autoru (2001)

Jackie Andrade is a lecturer in psychology at the University of Sheffield.

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