Impact of Defense Procurement: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Defense Procurement of the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States, Eighty-sixth Congress, Second Session, Pursuant to Sec. 5 (a) of Public Law 304, 79th Congress. January 28, 29, and 30, 1960, Opseg 7,Str. 94

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1960 - Broj stranica: 594
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Reviews DOD contracting procedures, supply use, disposal and renovation practices, military assistance to foreign nations and effectiveness of contracting and procurement controls.

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Stranica 306 - All purchases and contracts for supplies or services, in any of the Departments of the Government, except for personal services, shall be made by advertising a sufficient time previously for proposals respecting the same, when the public exigencies do not require the immediate delivery of the articles, or performance of the service.
Stranica 24 - Employment Act of 1946". DECLARATION OF POLICY SEC. 2. The Congress hereby declares that it is the continuing policy and responsibility of the Federal Government to use all practicable means consistent with its needs and obligations and other essential considerations of national policy, with the assistance and cooperation of industry, agriculture, labor, and State and local governments, to coordinate and utilize all its plans, functions, and resources for the purpose of creating and maintaining,...
Stranica 59 - The committee will stand in recess until 2 o'clock this afternoon. [Whereupon, at 12 :45 pm, the committee recessed, to reconvene at 2 pm, the same day.] AFTERNOON SESSION The CHAIRMAN.
Stranica 306 - When immediate delivery or performance is required by the public exigency, the articles or service required may be procured by open purchase or contract, at the places and in the manner in which such articles are usually bought and sold, or such services engaged between individuals.
Stranica 442 - CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE UNITED STATES The Chamber of Commerce of the United States recommends that the portion of S.
Stranica 35 - Administrator and the interested executive agency whether, insofar as he can determine, the proposed disposition would tend to create or maintain a situation inconsistent with the antitrust laws. Upon the request of the Attorney General, the...
Stranica 328 - ... fair and reasonable prices calculated to result in the lowest overall cost to the Government.
Stranica 320 - ... such method of contracting is likely to be less costly than other methods or that it is impractical to secure supplies or services of the kind or quality required without the use of a cost or cost-plus-a-fixed-fee contract or an incentive-type contract.
Stranica 359 - Officer may. in his discretion, specifically approve in writing any of the provisions of a subcontract. However, such approval or the consent of the Contracting Officer obtained as required by this clause...
Stranica 488 - Defense determines it will be advantageous to the Government in terms of effectiveness, economy, or efficiency, he shall provide for the carrying out of any supply or service activity common to more than one military department by a single agency or such other organizational entities as he deems appropriate. For the purposes of this paragraph, any supply or service activity common to more than one military department shall not be considered a 'major combatant function' within the meaning of paragraph...

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