Revitalising Communities in a Globalising World

Professor Lena Dominelli
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 28. pro 2012. - Broj stranica: 466
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Revitalising Communities in a Globalising World explores the opportunities and constraints that the dynamics of globalisation present for human development in a range of different countries and situations. Arguing that globalisation is currently a system of organising social relations along neoliberal lines, this timely volume examines practical examples of how people respond to significant social changes in their communities. The idea of communities is deconstructed to show that globalisation has collapsed the boundaries of time, space and place in ways that have exacerbated inequalities, at the same time giving rise to unparalleled riches for some. The book encompasses a number of case studies that speak to policymakers, practitioners, educators and students interested in studying globalisation and making the most of its potential for change.

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O autoru (2012)

Lena Dominelli is Professor of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Durham, UK. She was President of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) from 1996-2004.

Contributors: Lena Dominelli, Ankie Hoogvelt, Irene Levin, Marilyn Callahan, Karen Swift, Mel Gray, Bill Mitchell, Carolyn Noble, Margaret Ledwith, Paula Asgill, Gary Pattison, Keith Popple, Ingrid Burkett, Paul Stubbs, Jacquie Green, Robina Thomas, Vishanthie Sewpaul, Dorothee Hölscher, Darja Zaviršek, Abye Tasse, Sven Hessle, John Small, Lincoln Williams, Gurid Aga Askeland, Lizy James, Armaity S. Desai, Mehmoona Moosa-Mitha, Gale Cyr, Lynne M. Healy, Ruth C. White.

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