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author of A New Year's Masque." has a poet's fine sense of nature in all its multitudinous aspects and its varied life, and the literary skill to describe clearly and adequately. The names of the papers show their range. They are: Nature and the native; A spring opening; Under the sky: The rain and the fine weather. The sensitive plant; Grass; A rumination; The fly-trapper; Running water notes: Along an inland beach; A summer holinight; In praise of the blackberry Mondamin: The solitary bee; The return of a native: Autumn and the muse; Gossamer; Thistle-down and silver-rod; Where it listeth; Ember days Flake white; Frost and mooshine Hearthfine.

*Thomas, Jos. Lippincott's universal pronouncing dictionary of biography and mythology. New rev. enl. ed. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1886. 2550 p. O. shp., $12: hf. tky. $15; hf. rus., $15.

Thomas, Reneu. Divine sovereignty and other sermons. Bost., D. Lothrop & Co., [1885.] 293 p. D. cl., $1.50.

By the pastor of Harvard church, Brookline, and author of "Emmanuel church," etc. The twenty sermons discuss man's sinfulness and inability; atonement and expiation; retribution; the child and his dues; the preeminence of Christ; the limitations of evil; predestination; self-improvement: weariness in well-doing. and other subjects.

Thomas, Reuen. Grafenburg people; fiction but fact. Bost., D. Lothrop & Co., [1886.] 291 p. il. D. cl., $1 25.

The Grafenburg people are supposed to inhabit a little town in the south of England On a slender thread fiction the author gives much practical advice against sectarianism. He introduces two clergymen, one Episcopal, the other a Rationalist, and makes them work in perfeci harmony in their efforts to improve their people and teach them to love God and man. The heroine is an ideal woman, who exerts a powerful influence for good.


*Thomas. W: II. Lewey and 1.. or, sailor boys wanderings: a sequel to 'On land and sea;" il. by W P. Hooper. Bost., De Wolfe. Fiske & Co. 1885 407 p. D $1.50. *Thompson, D'Arcy W. Day dreams of a schoolmaster. Bost., Willard Small. 1885.

328 p. S. cl.. $1 25. *Thompson, G. Carslake. Public opinion and Lord Beaconsfield, 1875-1880. N. Y., Macmillan, 1886 2 V 24+440 538 p. O. cl., $10.

*Thompson, Si II: Diet in relation to age and activity. N. Y., Scribner & Welford, 1SS6. S. cl.. 50 c.

*Thompson, Sir H Diseases of the prostate; their pathology and treatment. 6th ed er. Phil.. P. Blakiston, Son & Co 1886

11. O. cl.. $2.

*Thompson, Sir H Food and feeding. ul. N Y., F Warne & Co D. flex. cl., $1.25.


237 P

4th ed. 184 p.

Thompson, Hugh Miller. The world and the

logos. N. Y, G: P Putnam's Sons, 1886 5+91 p. O. (Bedell lectures.) cl., $1

The Bedell lectures are delivered every second year on Founders' Day, which has been fixed for November 1. and made a holiday in Gambier, Ohio. Bishop Hugh Miller Thompson makes a strong argument for his belief that consciousness and conscience Vist in the human nind, and cannot be accounted for by any theory of evolution, but must be traced to a supernatural power. Thompson, Ret. Ja. Marshall. From Accadia to Machpelah or, the homes and journeyings of Abraham. Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1886.] 3-319 p. il. S. cl., $1.15.

The first of a series stories in which the Rev 1. M. Thompson has en leav red to bring the results of modern research before Bible readers. The story carries us back 1000 years to Chaldea, where nearly 50 years of Abraham's life were spent, and dilates upon that Patriarch's character and daily life there and in other countries, and familiarizes the reader with the customs, laws, religions, and literatu e of his age


Thompson, Jos. P., D.D. The workman. his false friends and his true friends. [New ed.

N. Y., American Tract Sor [1886.] 254 P S. pap., 25 c.

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She notice. Weekly Record," P. W., Sept. 20, ne [401]

Thompson, Maurice. A banker of Bankersville: a novel. N. V.. Cassell & Co., [1886.] 6-323 P. D. cl., $1.

Bankersville is a thriving Indiana town. The banker' is a subordinate character. Milford and Lawson are law. yers and partners. Lawson is a rogue, interested in al and of literary tastes. The heroine studies law also and has kinds of "rings" and "deals." Milford is conscientious many theories about woman's rights and proper sphere. After deciding which lover to accept, she rules her life according to his wishes. A murder trial introduces the Hon. D. W. Voorhees, "the greatest living forensic orator," to whom the book is dedicated Thompson, Maurice, ed. The boys' book of sports and outdoor life. N. Y., The Century Co., 1886. 12+352 p. il. O. cl., $2.50. Many of the chapters of this handsomely and elabrately illustrated volume have already appeared in s Nicholas Magazine. Maurice Thompson, is the longest story in the volume, and "Marvin and his boy hunters." by is intended to teach boys a careful and intelligent use of the shot-gun. Besides this there are stories and essays on boating and boat-building, fishing, archery, camping-out swimming, walking, amateur photographing, skating tobogganing, etc. All are intended to promote a tast for healthful amusement in the open air. The various sports are treated by such well-known experts as Ripley Hitchcock, Charles Ledyard Norton, W. I.. Alden, Dan tel C. Beard, Frank E. Clark, and many others. Protection to home in*Thompson, R. E. dustry four lectures delivered in Harvard University, Jan., 1885 N. Y., Appleton, 1886. O. cl., $1.


*Thompson, Silvanus P Dynamo-electric machinery a manual for students of electrotechnics. 2d ed. rev, and enl. N. Y., E. &

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F. N. Spon, 1886 [1885.] 527 p. il O. cl.. $5.

Thompson, Slason. The humbler poets: a collection of newspaper and periodical verse 1870 to 1885. Chic., Jansen, McClurg & Co., 1886. 457 p. D. cl.. $2

Some fifteen years ago Mr. Thompson began collect. ing from newspapers and ephemeral literature of the day such verses as suitel his mood, or seemed the utterance of a soul that had put its thoughts into song." When he had collected almost a thousand poems a friend suggested publishing them The work of editing has been difficult, but is very well done. The poems are classified by subjects. There is an index of titles and one of first lines. Many of the poems are anonymous, which Mr. Thompson thinks a great wrong to the authors. Print, paper, and binding are in excellent faste.

Thompson, T: R. Ritual and manual for Bands of Hope and other juvenile organizations. N. Y., National Temp. Soc. and Pub. House. 1886. 36 p. S. pap., 5 c.

*Thomson, W: M., D.D. The land and the book. New popular ed. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 3 v. II. and maps, O. cl., So.

Thorn, Ismay. A six-years' darling, or, Trix in town. N. V., E. P. Dutton & Co.. 1586. 112 p. il. sq. D. bds.. 50 c.

A pretty story for very young children, relates to a litthe country girl's visit to her London cousins and her delightful experience in visiting Madame Tussaud's wax figures, the Zoological gardens, and other famous places. Nicely illustrated by J. Pym

#Thorne, W : Modern idols: studies in biography and criticism. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1886. '79 p. S. cl., $1. Thoroddsen, Th. Observations on volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in Iceland within historic times. tr. and condensed from a history by Th. Thoroddsen by G: H. Boehmer from the Smithsonian report for 1885. Wash., D.C., Government Printing Office.

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*Thorpe, Rose Hartwick. Nina Bruce,
a girl's influence.
Phil., American Baptist
Pub. Soc., 1886. 319 p. D. cl., $1.25.
*Thought (A) and a prayer for every day in
Lent. N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co.. 1886 T.
pap., 25 с.

*Throop, Montgomery H. The New York
justice's manual, cont. all the laws of the
state relating to the official tenure and duties
of a justice of the peace, and the proceedings
in civil cases before him, in force, July, 1886.
With notes and forms. 7th ed. Alb., J: D.
Parsons, jr., 1886. 16+625+17 p. O. shp.,


Thrum, T: G., comp. Hawaiian almanac and
annual for 1886: hand-book of information
on matters relating to the Hawaiian islands.
12th year
Honolulu, H. I., T: G. Thrum

1886. 88 p. O. pap., 50 c.
*Thucydides, Book I.; ed. on the basis of Clas-
sen's edition by C. D. Morris.

Bost.. Ginn & Co., 1886. 91 p. O. (College ser of Greek authors.) pap., 22 c.


with an old uncle, who leaves her to herself. Her extrava gant dress of many colors causes the ladies at first to fight shy of her, but one of them speaks to her kindly and teaches her to tone down" a little. The girl falls in love things, and finally disappears. She is something new in the with the lover of her friend. and to hide it does many odd line of heroines. After many years Barbara is comforted. Tighe, Ambrose. The development of the Roman constitution. N. Y.. Appleton, 1886. 131 p. T. (History primers.) cl., 45 c.

A series of chapters in which are traced in outline the development of the Roman state. They are called: "The sources of early Roman history;" "The structure of ancient society;" "Rome under the kings:" "The earliest reforms in the Roman constitution;" The fight without the city;""The fight within the city;" "How Rome was governed at the time of the second Punic war.' They were originally addressed to the author's class in Yale College, where he was formerly tutor. *Tilden, A. Ellsworth. The stolen will: a comedy drama in 3 acts. Bost., Walter H. Baker & Co., 1886. 58 p. S. pap., 15 c.

*Tilley, Rob., M.D., ed. The medical directory of Chicago (including Cook Co.) for 1885-86. Chic., W. T. Keener, 1886.. D. cl., net, $1.25.

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*Tip Cat; by the author of lest ed mission" and "Laddie." Randolph Caldecott, eng. by J. D. Cooper. N. Y., E. & J. B. Young & Co., [1885.] Tissandier, Gaston. 8+336 p. S. cl., $1.

Thurber, C. H, In and out of Ithaca a descrip-
tion of the village, the surrounding scenery and
Cornell University. Ithaca, N. Y., Andrus &
Church, 1887. [1886.] 6+104 pil. sq. D pap.

60 c.

*Thurston, Miss L. C. Charley and Eva stories.
4 v. Bost.. Lee & Shepard, 1886. Il. S. cl.
ea. 75 c.

*Thurston. Rob. H A treatise on friction
and lost work in machinery and mill work
containing an explanation of the theory of
friction, and an account of the various
lubricants in general use, with a record of
various experimenters to deduce the laws of
friction and lubricated surfaces, etc.
J: Wiley & Sons, 1885. Il. O. cl., $3.
Thwing, Rev. C: Franklin, and Thwing, Mrs.
Carrie F Butler. The family: an historical and
social study. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1887 [1886.]
213 p. O. cl., $2.

N. Y.,

"The discussion begins with a description of the Semitic and Aryan families. The development of the marriage relation is then traced through Greek, Roman, Jewish, early Christian, Catholic, and Protestant civilizations to the present day. A study is made of the family as an institution, divine and human, and as the basis of social order. The authors then present some remarkable statistics as to the increase of divorce, especially in this country. The remedies suggested are a proper conception of woman's responsibilities, a higher standard of belief and practice as to domestic institutions, a restoration of the religious basis of marriage, and uniformity of law as to marriage and divorce."-Ñ. Y. Evening Post. Six pages are covered with a list of the works consulted in this com pilation. Index.

Thy kingdom come: a tale for boys and girls; by the author of "Little Snowdrop and her golden casket." N. Y., T: Nelson & Sons, 1885. 5-144.P. I il. D. cl., 60 c.

Deals with the trials of a young girl who loses her mother when she is about fifteen; her father is a scientific man, who looks upon her as "only a girl," with little knowledge or judgment. She becomes so helpful, however, with her young brothers, and is such a potent factor in the household, that before a long time her father recognizes her worth; her brothers' adventures and a couple of innocent love stories brighten the narrative.

Tidball, Mary Langdon. Barbara's vagaries

N. Y., Hamer, 1886. 2175 p. D. cl., $1. The scene upon which Barbara. an unsophisticated, beautiful North Carolina girl is first introduced is an immense hotel at Old Point Comfort. She has come Nortb

The wonders of water, from the French, edited, with numerous additions, by Schele De Vere, D. D. [New rev. ed.] N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1886. 7+ 350 p. il. D. (Wonders of science.) [Illustrated lib of wonders.] cl., $1

*Titterington, Sophie Bronson. Rachael Hastings girls. Phil., American Baptist Pub Soc., 1886. 300 p. D. cl., $1.25. *Todd, C: Burr. Barlow, poet

The life and letters of Joel statesman, and philosopher; with extracts from his works and some hitherto unpublished poems. N Y., G: P Putnam's Sons, 1886. Por. O cl., $2 50. *Todd, Mrs. Marion. Protective tariff delusion. Battle Creek, Mich. W: C. Gage & Son, 1886. *Todd, Rev. Rob W 112 p. D. pap., 50 c.

Methodism of the Peninsula. Phil. Methodist Episcopal Book Rooms, 1886 336 p. D. cl., $1.50

*Todd, W: The seventy-nin h Highlanders, N. Y. vols. in the war of Rebellion, 18611865. Albany, N. Y., Brandow, Barton & Co., 1886. 15+513 p. il. and map. O. cl., subs., $4.

*Todhunter, J: History of the theory of elasticity and strength of materials from Galilei to the present time; ed. and completed by Karl Pearson. V. 1 Galilei to St. Venant, 1639 to 1850. N. Y., Macmillan, 1886. 924 p. il. O. cl., net, $6.50.

Toland, Mrs. M. B. M. Egle and the elf. a fantasy. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co.. 1887 [1886.] 57 p. il. O. cl., $2; alligator $2.50; mor., $3.

A poem by the author of 'Sir Rae," "The inca Princess, etc. Illustrated by 13 full-page original designs from Theodor Bauer, W St. John Harper, H. Siddons Mowbray, F. S. Church, W: Hamilton Gibson, S. W. Van Schaick, and Jessie Shepherd; these are repro duced in photogravure. There are also a number of decorative designs drawn by René T. Quelin. The pale gray cloth binding has a handsome scroll frame stamped on 'ront cover in gold white, and pale green


folstol, Count Lyof N.


Anna Karenina; tr. by Nathan Haskell Dole. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1886.] 4+773 p. D. cl., $1.75.

Tolstol is the well-known Russian author, and the writer of My religion." The present story, which Mr. Dole has so admirably translated and finished with an interesting introduction, was written by him in 1875. It is a most realistic transcript of fashionable life in Moscow, with all its vices and follies fearlessly laid bare. Anna Karénina is the wife of a high official, a man much older than herself and of few attractions, whom she has married, or rather been married to, without any pretence of love She meets a brilliant young officer in society, and a mutual love, with which both are inspired, is the beginning of her downfall. Her course after she leaves her husband for her lover is painful in the extreme-one humiliation after another, finally driving her to suicide. This is a mere outline of the leading motive. Besides we get the details of several intrigues and innumerable scenes and episodes illustrating Russian life in the city and country Tolstol, Count Lyof N. Childhood, boyhood, youth; tr. from the Russian by Isabel F Hapgood. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1836.] 9+381 p. por. D. cl., $1.50.

This is a novel in three parts, founded upon the remin iscences and traditions of Tolstoi's family, and the incidents of his own youth and childhood. It was written between 1852 and 1855, and was only intended as the beginning of a great novel, covering his whole career, that as yet has not been completed. This work is of particular interest, since it shows that many of the author's ideas of thirty years ago were precisely similar to those that he is putting in practice to-day in his own person.


*Tolstoi, Count Léon. My religion; tr. by Huntington Smith. N. Y., T: Y Crowell & Co. 1885. D. cl., reduced to $1. Tolstoi, Count Leon War and peace: historical novel; translated into French by a Russian lady, and from the French by Clara Bell. N. Y., W: S. Gottsberger, 1886. 2 v. 2+322, 2+357 p. S. cl.. $1.50; pap., $1. The author, who is an aristocrat and Russian to the core, has woven a thread of romance into this historically accurate description of one of Napoleon's decisive battles. His characters are well drawn, and he elaborates with artistic finish. The novel is a change from current fiction, which deals so almost exclusively with mental and moral phenomena. It is full of action. Many Russian secret societies are described, and the initiation of a member into one of the most exclusive of them is one of the finest bits of description in the book. The translation is smooth and idiomatic.

Tolstoi, Count Léon. War and peace. a historical novel. Pt. 2, The invasion, 18071812; translated into French by a Russian lady and from the French by Clara Bell. N. Y., W: S. Gottsberger, 1886. 2 v. 321; 2+270 p. S. cl., $1.75; pap., $1. The characters of the first part of this romance, Before Tilsit," reappear. Pierre, the freemason and liberal, is again a prominent figure, re-united to his frivolous wife, and going a downward pace in spite of his ideal theories. The scenes are taken entirely from Russian high life, and deal with love and intrigue. and the threatened war between Russia and France. Napoleon and Alexander both appear upon the scene, the descriptions of the French Emperor not being at all flattering. Fiance has invaded Russia and is marching upon Moscow when the story

ends. As the fates of the various characters are left in doubt, there are probably more volumes to come.


Tolstoi, Count Léon. War and peace historical novel; tr. into French by a Russian lady, and from the French by Clara Bell; rev. and corr. in the US. Pt. 3. Borodino, the French at Moscow, epilogue, 1812-1820. N. Y. W: S. Gottsberger, 1886. 2 v. ++290; 2391 p. S. cl., $1.75, pap., $1

To those who read the first two parts of this work "Before Tilsit" and "The invasion," the present volumes will be full of interest. It carries the story slowly on to an ending, the same characters appearing again. The historical part, which occupies more than two thirds of the volume, embraces the great battle of Borodino, the occupation of Moscow by the French, its burning, and the retreat of the French without again showing fight.


Toistoi, Count Léon. War and peace: a historical novel; translated into French by a Russian lady, and from the French by Clara Bell. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 94 P. Q. (Harper's Franklin sq. lib., no. 508.) pap., 25 c. Tolstoi, Count Léon. War and peace: a historical novel; Pt. 2, The invasion, 1807-1812; translated into French by a Russian lady and from the French by Clara Bell N. Y., Harper, 1886. 79 p. Q. (Harper's Franklin sq. lib., no. 521.) pap., 25 c. Tolstoi, Count Léon. historical novel; tr. into French by a Russian lady, and from the French by Clara Bell, rev. and corr. in the U. S. Pt. 3. Borodino, the French at Moscow, epilogue, 1812-1820. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 97 p. Q. (Harper's Franklin sq. lib., no. 521a.) pap., 25 C. Tolstoï, Count Léon. What I believe, tr. from the Russian by Constantine Popoff. N Y.. W. S. Gottsberger, 1886. 3-236 p. D. cl.. $1; pap., 60 c.

War and peace; an

The same vork published under the title of My religion." See notice," Weekly Record,P_P W Dec

19, 85, 1725. Tomlinson, E T. Selections from Latin authors, for sight-reading. Bost., Ginn & Co., 1886. 15+237 p. D. cl., $1.10.

Consist of sele tions from Caesar's Civil war, from Latin New Testament, from Quintus Curtius Rufus, from Cicero's Letters, from Books IX. and XII., Vergil's Eneid, with a number of short extracts from various other Latin writers.

Tommy's first speaker for little boys and girls; ed. by Tommy himself. Chic.. W. H. Harrison, Jr., 1886. 160 p. D. bds, 50 c. Contains 250 pieces in rhyme, many of them containing one or two stanzas at most. The longest may easily be learned by a child of ordinary memory and perseverance. Ton (A) of fun; or, 2000 square laughs. N. Y., J. S. Ogilvie & Co., [1886.] 3-62 p. il. D. pap., 10 c.

A collection of funny anecdotes broadly illustrated. *Topelius, Z The surgeon's stories. 6 v. Chic., A. C. McClurg & Co., 1886. D. cl, reduced to $6; hf. cf.. $15 hf. mor.. $16.50. Topsy-turvy stories for the young. G: Routledge & Sons, [1886.] 192 p. il. sq. O. bds., $1.

N. Y.,

Short stories and poems with a profusion of page and text pictures; pictures and text printed in blue and broWD {nks.

*Torr, Cecil. Rhodes in ancient times. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1885 O. 6 pl. (Cambridge Univ. Press. ser.) cl., $3.

*Tough yarns, by the old sailor. N. Y., F: Warne & Co., 1886. D. (Warne's notable novels.) pap., 20 c. Towards the gulf. a

omance of Louisiana.

N. Y., Harper, 1887 1886.] 4-315 p. S. cl., $1.

A picture of New Orleans life, beautiful, vivid, and mournful, is contained in Towards the gulf. The writer has marked powers of observation and description, and they find ample play in the haunts of creole life. The story turns upon the taint of blood, and is an awful sermon upon the miseries that punish the prejudices as well as the vices of men This cannot but detract from the artistic value of the book, which is all but perfect in form, and yet the interest is genuine and abiding, and the workmanship is refreshingly good "- Commercial Advertiser

Towle, G: Makepeace.

Young people's nistory of England. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1886. 5+388 p. il: D. cl., $1.50.

The many able historical works that Mr. Towle has produced make him an authority, and although it would seem there was not a need for another history of Eng

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The author

land, this volume fills a place and a want. has another motive in addition to that of presenting clearly and concisely the main facts in the history of England from the Roman conquest to the present time, which is to show the growth of the political liberties and institutions of the English people, and to indicate in some degree the changes in the social condition, and the advance in literature and the arts. He has successfully endeavored to relate events and to describe persons, without bias or partiality, and to avoid obtruding judg ments of his own.

Townsend, G: Alfred, ["Gath," pseud.] Katy of Catoctin; or, the chain-breakers: a national romance. N. Y., Appleton, 1886. 2-567 p. D

cl., $1.50.

Scene is laid in Maryland and around Washingtor This historical novel opens in October, 1859, just before John Brown's raid. The details of that expedition are given, and the death of John Brown vividly described. The election of President Lincoln, the civil war, the murder of Lincoln, the death of John Wilkes Booth, the trial of Mrs. Surratt, and all the leading events which led to and followed the emancipation of the slaves, have been cleverly used to make a story of great merit. Katy of Catoctin is a young, innocent girl, a descendant of the Pennsylvania Dutch, who becomes engaged to the hero after very short acquaintance and remains faithful to him throughout his troublous career. In the descriptions of life among the Tunkers, of natural scenery, and in the study of the characters of John Brown and John Wilkes Booth, Mr. Townsend shows his great versatility and strong English to great advantage. Quotations from the press of those days are skilfully worked into the plot.

"Townsend, L. F. Hand-book upon church trials. N Y., Phillips & Hunt, 188,. 75 P. D pap., 25 c.

Townsend, Virgimia T. Amy Deane, or, patient waiting, and other stories. [New issue.] N Y., T. R. Kno & Co., [1886.] 5-242 p. il. D. cl., $1.25.

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Townsend, Virginia F. A. Boston girl's ambitions. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1887 1886.] 3 395 p. D. cl., $1.50.

A story in which a young girl's indomitable grit is the motor which helped her combat sorrow and adversity, and gained for Caryl and Dorrice Dacre brilliant success There are several mysteries and a quaint little romance, but the story is singularly free from sensationalism.

Townsend, Miss Virginia F The Holland ser., IV. [New issues] ea., D. cl., $1.

Contains: The Deerings of Medbury, 229 p, published by . K. Loring, 1871; The Hollands, 412 p., pub. by Long, 1869: Six in all, 447 P, pub. by Loring, 1872 The Mills of Tuxbury, 363 p, pub by Loring, 1871 Tracking the truth; by the author of "Barbara." Chic.. The Illustrated Pub. Co., [1886.] 3236 p. D. (Popular ser., no. 7.) pap., 25 c. Traill, H. D. Shaftesbury (the first Earl). N. Y., Appleton, 1886. 8+218 p. S. (English worthies.) cl., 75c.

The subject of this monograph is the statesman of the Restoration, born 1621. died 1683. The previous biographies that we have had of him have represented him as utterly corrupt, or have endeavored to prove him a much-slandered man, and very near to perfection, morally. Mr. Traill has chosen a middle course, and aimed to show that he was at least no worse than his contemporaries. His estimate of the earl is summed up in the following paragraph: "Ambition and contentiousness, the love of conflict and the love of power, were the dominant impulses of his career and the all-suficient explanation of his conduct, quitted Charles I. for the Parliament, because he saw the avenues of advancement closed against him in the King's service. He abandoned the Commonwealth for Charles


II. because he saw that a restoration was inevitable, and hoped by assisting to further it to lay the foundation of his political fortunes under the new order of things." *Trautwine, J: C The civil engineer's pocke book. New ed., rev. and enl. by J. C. Trautwine, jr. N. Y., J: Wiley & Sons. 1880. 800 p. il. D mor. flaps, $5.

*Trautwine, J: C. The field practice of laying out circular curves for railroads. 12th ed., rev. by J: C. Trautwine, jr. N. Y., J: Wiley & Sons, 1886. 192 p. il. D. mor., $2.50.


*Travels in Mexico: recoru of a journey fron Yucatan to the Rio Grande. Bost. C. F. Jewet Pub. Co., 1886. boo p. il. D. subs., cl., $3.75; $4.75; leath., $4.75: hf. tky. mor., $6.50. *Traver, Alvah. Miscellaneous essays, pen pictures and dialogues. Albany, N. Y., Burdick & Taylor, 1885 269 p. D. cl., $1.50.

Tredwell, Dan. M. A sketch of the life of Apollonius of Tyana or, the first ten decades of our era. N. Y., F: Tredwell, 78 Nassau St., 1886. 6+354 p. O. cl., $3.50: cl. back, $2.50; Roxburgh, $5.

Apollonius was a contemporary of Jesus; it was claimed that he was divinely conceived, and that he came with a revelation as the Saviour of humanity; his written lite tells of miracles performed by him in Greece, and of a religion preached by him advocating a morality and virtue far in advance of his age. Mr. Tredwell furnishes a most interesting biography of him based upon the narrative of Philostratus. Its special aim is to show that the main facts in the history of Apollonius are as well attested a the life of Christ. Great care has been taken to describe the people and the countries through which Apollonius travelled as they were in his day; his philosophy, his religion, and his system of ethics are given as they came from his own lips. A prominent feature of the work is the bibliographical references. The work is handsomely printed by De Vinne has broad margins and uncut edges. *Trench, R: Chenevix. The study of words. N. Y., J: B. Alden, 1886. 116 p. il. O. cl.,

50 C.

Trenck, F: von der, (Baron.) The life and adventures of Baron Trenck; tr. by T: Holcroft. In 2 v V. J. N. Y.. Cassell & Co., [1886 192 p. T. (Cassell's national lib.. no. 12) pap., 10 c.

Trenck, F von der, (Baron.) The life and adventures of Baron Trenck; tr. by T: Holcroft. V 2. N. Y., Cassell & Co., [1886.] 191 p. T. Cassell's national lib, no. 13.) pap., IO c.

*Trevelyan, Sir G: Cawnpore. [an historica study. New ed. NY., Macmillan, 1886. 342 p. D. cl, $1.75.

el *Treves, F A manual of surgery in treatises, by various authors. Phil.. Lea Bros. & Co., 1886. 3 v, D. cl, ea., $2. *Triangular Society (The). a Portland book for the holidays. Portland, Me., Hoyt, Fogg & Donham, 1885. 382 p D cl., $1.25. *Trimble, H: Practical and analytical chem. istry: a complete cou se in chenical analysis. 2d ed. rev. and enl. Phil. P. Blakis ton, Son & Co., 1886 110 p O cl.. S1.50. Trip (A) to the moon and other stories. Bost., Estes & Lauriat, 1887 [1886.] 48 p. il. sq. O. bds., 40 c.

"A trip to the moon," and some odd conceits of childlife, grace picture, story, and covers of these very pretty Christmas selections for small children.

*Triplett, W: H., M.D. The laws and mechanics of circulation, with the principle involved in animal movement. N. Y.. J. H. Vail & Co., 1885. 510 p. O. cl., $5

Troilius, Magnus. Notes on the chemistry of iron, 2d ed. enl. N. Y., J:Wiley & Sons, 1886. O. cl., $2.

Trollope, Anthony. The Golden Lion of Granpere a novel. N.Y., G: Munro, [1885.] 3-155 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 667.)

pap., 20 c.

Trollope, Anthony. The three clerks: a novel N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] 3-381 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 775.) par.. 20 c.


Trollope, Anthony. Ralph, the heir: a novel,
pt. I.
N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] 63′p.
(Seaside lib., no. 2056.) pap., 20 c.-Same,
pt. 1, 3-235 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed.,
no. 700.) pap., 20 c.

Trollope, Anthony. Kaiph, the heir: a novel
Pt. 2. N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] 3-239 p. S.
(Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 700.) pap., 20 c.
-Same, 64 p. Q. (Seaside lib:, no. 2056.)
pap., 20 c.

Trouessart, E. L.

Microbes, ferments, and moulds. N. Y., Appleton, 1886. S+314 P. il. D. (International sci. ser., no. 56.) cl., $1.50.

A number of works have been written on the subject of microbes, but they have all been prepared for the physician or naturalist, and take for granted that the reader is familiar with the ideas already established on pathol ogy or on cryptogamic botany. This work, while it will interest and be found to have much of value for physicians and practical men, is written more for the general public-those persons, in fact, who possess only the elementary notions of natural science which are included in the course of primary instruction. The author hopes it may therefore find a place in the libraries of secondary instruction, and in public libraries, and may serve introduction to the learned works of Cornil and Ba'ies. of Duclaux, Klein, Koch, Sternberg, and others.

as an

Bost., 5-230 p. il. S.

Trowbridge, J. T. The little master.
Lee & Shepard, 1887 [1886.]
cl., $1.25.

The little master is a young undersized country boy of eighteen, full of natural talent and imbued with great force of character, who is almost self-educated. The book relates his experience as a teacher-first telling his adventures in getting a situation, his size and youth both being against him. He has charge the first winter of a country school and carries out with great success his theories of education; he especially objects to corporal punishment, and really obtains great influence over the boys by appealing to their intelligence and sense of honor.

Trowbridge, Catharine M.

Snares and safe

[blocks in formation]

English country home. There is a resort that their father, the missionary, has been killed in the mutiny of 1857Lady Laurie comforts the boys and makes them a happY home. The evenings are devoted to reading the life of St. Paul, and the conversations between mother and thildren make the story of the Acts very real to young readers.

Tucker, Rev. H. W. The English church in other lands; or, the spiritual expansion of England. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co., [1886.] 12+223 p. D. (Epochs of church history, ed. by the Rev. Mandell Creighton.) cl., 80 c.

An account not only of the missionary work of the Anglican communion, but of all the sections into which English Christianity is divided.

Tuckermann, C:

The Greeks of to-day. 3d
N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons,
S. (The Traveller's ser., no.

ed. rev. and cor.
[1886.] 3-369 p.
13.) pap. 50 c.
Old London street cries
*Tuer, Andrew W.
and the cries of to-day. N. Y., Scribner &
Welford, 1885. S. bds., 50 c.

Tufts, J: W., ed. Pilgrim songs for the Sunday – school. Bost.. Congregational S. S. and Pub. Soc., [1886.] 240 p. O. cl., 45 c.; bds., 35 c. Contains the best of the old hymns and tunes; a large proportion of new material, and special hymns for special


Tulloch, J: D.D. Movements of religious thought in Britain during the nineteenth century. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 210 p. S. (Harper's handy ser., no. 60.) pap., 25 c.

The St. Giles lectures, fifth series. In eight lectures the author discusses "Coleridge and his school," "The early Oriel school and its congeners, "The Oxford or Anglo Catholic movement, "Movement of religious thought in Scotland," Thomas Carlyle as a religious teacher," "John Stuart Mill and his school," "F. D. Maurice and Charles Kingsley," and F. W. Kobertson and Bishop Ewing."

guards. Phil., American S. S. Union, 1886. Turgenieff, Ivan Sergeyevitch. An unfortunate 4-244 p. il. D. cl., $1.10.

Written to interest and instruct boys; the "true story "which suggested this book and its incidents teaches some wholesome lessons in regard to good habits, self-improvement, repentance, and faith,

Truan, Henri. Les grands écrivains Français:
nouvelles lectures commentées en Français et
en langues étrangeres Allemand, Anglais, etc.
Cinquième édition des écoles. [N. Y., W: R.
Jenkins, 1886.] 10+ 708 p. 1 il. D. cl., $1.50.
Selections from the great writers of France. The work
is used as a standard text-book by the schools of Paris,
and is annotated in the most remarkable manner through-
out with notes in English, German, and other foreign
languages. It cannot fail of being of great value to all
students of French. It will be published hereafter in New
York by Mr. Jenkins, by arrangement with the author.
*Trumble, Alfred. Sword and scimetar; the
romance of the Crusades; the story of four
centuries of Christian warfare retold from the
old chronicles; with So il. by Gustave Doré.
N. Y., Pollard & Moss, 1886. Q. cl., $10; full
mor.. $20.
Truth Seeker annnal and freethinker's al-
manac, 1886; with 30 portraits of European
freethinkers, scientists, and philosophers.
N. Y., The Truth Seeker Co., [1886.] 105 p.
il. O. pap., 25 c.

Tucker, Mrs. Charlotte, ["A. L. O. E.," pseud.]

The parables of Christ. [New ed.] N. Y.,
Rob. Carter & Bros., 1886. 3-285 p. 1 il.
S. cl., $1.

Tucker, Mrs. Charlotte, ["A. L. O. E.,"
pseud.] Pictures of St. Paul, drawn in an
English home. N. Y., Rob. Carter Bros.,
[1886.] 3-352 p. il. D. cl., $

Two young boys are sent home from an Indian mission tion and put in charge of Lady aurie in her beautiful

woman; [also,] Ass'ya; tr. from the Russian by H: Gersoni. N. Y., Funk & Wagnalls, 1886. 190 p. D. hf. cl., 75 c.

These two stories, like many others from Turgenieff's pen, were written with a purpose; which is to expose the corruption and moral degradation of the Russian nobility. In both stories the heroes inherit all their worst qualities from their fathers, who are nobles, and their virtues from their mothers, who belong to the peasant class. They are sad but graphic illustrations of Russian life fifty years ago. Turner, Ross. On the use of water-colors for beginners. Bost., L. Prang & Co., 1886. 32 p. pl. Q. bds., $3.

The work contains many useful hints, by an experienced and successful teacher, in water-color painting in general, and special directions for painting three studies for which illustrated examples are given, viz., still life landscape, and flower-painting. *Turner, Rev. W: Handbook of the Bible. Brooklyn, N. Y., Rev. W: Turner, 111 Fulton St., 1886. D. cl., $1. *Tuthill, W. B. The suburban cottage; its design and construction. N. Y., W: T. Comstock, 1885. 101 p. Q. cl., $1.50. Tweed, B. F.

Grammar for common schools. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1886. 5+113 p. S. cl., 30 c.

The usual lessons in grammar preceded by lessons on the structure of sentences, and completed with lessons in syntax and punctuation.

Two (The) Miss Flemings: a novel, by the
author of "What's his offence?" etc. N. Y.,
G: Munro, 1886. 316 p. S. (Seaside lib.,
pocket ed., no. 784.) pap., 20 c.
Entertainments in chemistry
Tyler, Harry W.
easy lessons and directions for safe experi-
ments. Chic., The Interstate Pub. Co., [1886.]
3-79 p. D. cl., 60 c.

Prepared to show young people something of what cheinistry is, and something of how to study it. The ex

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