Slike stranica

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[blocks in formation]

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a re

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[blocks in formation]


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Cornell University.
Feb., 1890, vol. i., p. 47.)

(College and School,


DURING the year there have been added to the General Library 3,724 volumes; to the Law Library 925 volumes; to the Philological Seminary Library 37 volumes. The total extent of the University Library is now 107,445 volumes, exclusive of pam phlets, comprising the General Library of 70,563 volumes, the Law Library of 6,251 volumes, the Philological Seminary Library of 631 volumes, and the White Historical Library of 30,000 volumes.

In August, 1889, the work of reclassifying and numbering the books was begun by Dr. A. C. White, and 25,000 volumes have now been arranged, labelled, and provided with new shelf-lists. In the catalogue department, under the direction of Mr. C. H. Hull, 28,677 cards have been written and distributed, representing 12,056 volumes and 1,019 pamphlets catalogued and incorporated in the dictionary catalogue of the General Library, which now includes 61,034 volumes and pamphlets.

The statistics in the delivery department display a noteworthy and gratifying increase in the use of the Library by students, the number of volumes given out at the delivery desk during the present university year being 37,846 as against 25,525 in 1888-89, an increase of nearly fifty per cent. As these figures do not include the use made of the constantly increasing number of reference books on the open shelves in the reading room and seminary rooms, or the books used by those who are admitted to the alcoves, it is safe to say that they represent only about one third of the actual use of the Library by students. The number of cards of admission to the alcoves for consultation and research granted dur ing the current year was 190, as compared with So in 1888-89.

The evening use of the Library also shows a remarkable increase, the average evening attendance for the year being 25, as against 14 in 1888-89.



Only the more important titles are given, including occasionally other than recent additions, for the purpose of correcting the old cataloguing or of calling attention to important books.

[blocks in formation]

Contents:- Illa-Joam. Joan-John. Johne-Joneses. Jong-Irelan. Vercamer-Victori.

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Contents: iv. Dionysius- Friction.
École des Ponts et Chaussées
Catalogue des manuscrits. P., 1886.

pp. xvi + 625.

- Library. 8°. pp. xiii

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Same. Index. L., 1850. fo. pp. 172. Bd. with the preceding.

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"Als Manuskript gedruckt."

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The preparation of this edition was begun by Pritzel, and finished by K. F. W. Jessen.

Quetif, J. Scriptores ordinis prædicatorum recensiti notisque historicis et criticis illustrati; præmittitur in prolegomenis notitia ordinis qualis fuit ab initio ad an. MD., tum series capitulorum generalium iis annis habitorum, denique index eorum qui ad ecclesiasticas dignitates promoti fuerunt; absolvit J. Echard. Lutetiæ Parisiorum, 1719. 2 v. fo. Union for Christian Work, Brooklyn, N. Y.— Library. Catalogue. [Brooklyn, N. Y.], 1888. 8°. PP. (4)+286.

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Same. Supplement, containing the additions from 1873 to the 31st of Dec., 1881. Poughkeepsie, [N. Y.], 1882. 80. pp. viii + 725-1027.

The pagination is continuous. The supplement contains an index to both parts.

Ziegelbauer, M. Historia rei literariæ ordinis S. Benedicti in IV. partes distributa; recensuit, auxit, jurisque publici fecit O. Legispontius. Augustæ Vind., etc., 1754. 4 v. fo.

[blocks in formation]

Contents:i. Logica. ii. Physica. De cælo & mundo. De generatione & corruptione.




De meteoris. - De mineralibus. iii. De anima. - Metaphysica. iv. Ethica.Politicorum Aristotelis commentarii. v. Parva natvralia. vi. De animalibvs. vii. Commentarii in Psalmos. Commentarii in Threnos Ieremiæ, in Baruch, in Danielem, in 12 proph. minores. ix. Commentarii in Matthæum, in MarCommentarii in Lvcam. xi. Commentarii in Ioannem, in Apocalypsim. -xii. Sermones de tempore, de sanctis, de eucharistia - Orationes super Evangelia dominicalia totius anni. De muliere forti liber. xiii. Commentarij in D. Dionysium. - Compendij theologicæ veritatis lib. viixiv.-xvi. Commentarii in 1.-IV. lib. Sententiarvm. - xvii., xviii. Svmma theologia.. - xix. Svmma de creatvris. XX. Super missus. De laudibus beatæ Mariæ.— Biblia Mariana. xxi. Philosophia pauperum; sive, Isagoge in libros Aristotelis, Physicorum, De cælo & mundo, De generatione & corruptione, De meteoris & De anima. - De apprehensione & apprehensionis modis. De sacrificio missæ. De sacramento eucharistiæ. -- Paradisus animæ; sive, De virtutibus libellus. — De adhærendo Deo libellus. De alchimia libellus.

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Compiled by A. Marini, with a French translation by J. Vetter.

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Clouston, W. A. Flowers from a Persian garden, and other papers. L., 1890. sm. 8°. pp. xii + 368. Contents:- Flowers from a Persian garden. Oriental wit and humour. Tales of a parrot. - Rabbinical legends, tales, fables, and aphorisms. An Arabian tale of love. Apocryphal life of Esop. Ignorance of the clergy in the Middle Ages.

The beards of our fathers.

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Comte, (J.) A. (M. F. X.). Catechismo positivista; ossia, Esposizione sommaria della religione universale in tredici conversazioni sistematiche fra una donna ed un prete dell' umanita. 2a ed.; tradotto da W. Congreve. Sanremo, 1882. sm. 8o. pp. 386. Table.

Cust, R. N. Notes on missionary subjects. L., 1889. 4 pts. in I v. 8o. Map.

Contents:- Observations on missionary societies. Language illustrated by Bible-translation. - - Problems outside the orbit of evangelistic work. Relation of missionaries to the outer world. Missionary addresses, pictures, and notices. From the author.

[blocks in formation]

translated, with a new introductory essay, historical and critical, by J. Veitch. 9th ed. Edin., etc., 1887. sm. 80. pp. clxxxi + 292. De Soyres, Rev. J. Christian reunion; the Hulsean lectures for 1886. St. John, N. B., 1888. 80. pp. x+95 + (1).

From the author.

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From the 2d and 3d volumes of the author's Die Lehre der Bibel von Gott "the present selection has been made, Ewald's alternative title of the whole work, Old and New Testament theology being adopted."

Revelation; its nature and record; translated from the German by Rev. T Goadby. Edin., 1884. 80. pp. x 482. (Clark's foreign theological library. New series. Vol. xix.)

A translation of the substance of the 1st volume of the author's Die Lehre der Bibel von Gott.

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Law and Sociology,

Including Education and Hygiene.

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