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Hugo, Victor. Les misérables; [from the French by Lascelles Wraxall.] N. Y., G. Munro, [1886.] Pt. 1. 3-392 p. Š. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 885.) pap., 20 c. Hugo, Victor. Les misérables.

N. Y., G: Munro, [1886.] Pt. 2, 391-792 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 885.) pap.. 20 c. Hugo, Victor. Les misérables. N. V.. G: Muno, [1886.] Pt. 3, 701-1191 p. S. (Seaside lib, pocket ed., no. 885.) pap., 20 c. *Hugo, Victor. Les misérables.

N. Y., The Worthington Co., 1886. 1096 p. D. cl., $1.50. Hugo, Victor. William Shakespeare; tr. by Melville B. Anderson. Chic., A. C. McClurg & Co., 1887 [1886.] 22+424 p. D. cl., $2. "The splendid eloquence and heroic enthusiasm of Victor Hugo never found more noble and sustained expression than in this volume,' says Mr. Swinburne. In glow and color, it is a kaleidoscope of brilliant images, a dazzling procession of swiftly-moving and ever-varying thoughts. For it is not as a portrayal of Shakespeare's life and character that this work attains its chief significance. The salient facts in the great dramatist's career are rapidly sketched and the chief phases of his genius touched with a master-hand. But the work is vastly broader and deeper than its title, which, as the author himself says in his preface, should more properly have been' Concerning Shakespeare. Shakespeare's name is but the text on which he builds his grand discourse, wherein he touches the profoundest problems of life and art, the mission and responsibilities of genius and the part it must play in the advancement and elevation of the race.' Chicago Inter-Ocean.

*Hume, D History of England. Boston ¿d. 3 v. Bost. Estes & Lauriat, 1886. D. cl. $3.75

Hume, Rob. W., comp. My lodger's legacy; or, the history of a recluse; written by himself. compiled and arranged by Rob. W. Hume. N. Y., Funk & Wagnalls, 1886. 2-186 p. D. hf. cl., $1.

Mr Hume in this story treats o. some of the practical difficulties in solving the labor and other social problems It is an interesting and suggestive story It opens more than twenty years ago, in a boarding-house near Washington Square, in New York City; here the recluse dies, leaving the history of his life in MS, which his landlady falls heir to and publishes

Humphrey, Frances A. The children of old Park's tavern: a story of the South Shore. N Y., Harper, 1886. 284 p. S. cl., $1.

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Mrs. Humphrey has skilfully interwoven the threads of history and fiction, and the result is a charming story, which recounts some incidents in the childhood of Dorothe Winslow and Ned Parks at the "old Park's tavern,' built in Byfield about 1680. Although the scene is laid in Byfield, we have a passing glimpse of Hingham, Plymouth, Marshfield, and other historic towns along the south shore of Massachusetts Bay, as well as some pleasing reminiscences of Daniel Webster, Emily Marshall, and some New England celebrities who lived in the early part of the eighteenth century,


*Hunolt, Rev. Francis. The Christian state of life; or, sermons on the principal duties of Christians in general and of different states in particular, in 76 sermons adapted to all Sundays and holy days; from the original German ed. of 1740, by Rev. J. Allen. N. Y., Benziger Bros., 1886. 2 v. 486 536 p. O. cl.. $5.

Hunt, Leigh. Autobiography. N. Y.. Harper, 1886. 71 p. Q. (Harper's Franklin sq. lib., no. 545.) pap., 20 c.

An abridgment of the latest edition of Leigh Hunt's Autobiography, edited by the author's eldest son. Thorn

ton Hunt.

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published. N. Y, Harper, 1956. D. cl., ..25.

242 D

career of a remarkable woman. In this biography is related the romantic and interesting Her husband as Secretary of State and Minister to France dufing the adminis tration of President Jack-on, and Mrs. Livingston's stace and brilliancy helped materially in achieving a great social as well as political success both at Washington and in France.

*Huntington, Emily. The cooking garden : [a systematized course of cooking, in ten complete lessons ;] il. by Jessie Shepherd. N. Y,, Schermerhorn & Co.. 1886. Q. cl. subs, net. $5.

Huntington, Rev. G: Outlines of Congregational history Bost. Congregational S. S. & Pub. Soc., 1885. 8+201 +5 p. D. cl., $1.

The book reports no newly discovered facts, and no new exploration of the original sources of history, but aims to present in condensed form some of the more important results of scholarship in this field of study. It also aims to bring the cardinal facts to the attention of some who might not know where else to find them. It states the creed of the Congregationalists as formulated by the Com mission held at St. Louis in 1880. The work will be even more useful to outsiders than to the members of the church, whose history it makes very interesting.

Hurst, J: E., D.D. The success of the gospel. and the failure of the new theologies. N. Y., Wilbur B. Ketcham, 71 Bible House, 1886. 2-29 p. O. cl., 20 c.

A presentation of the triumphs of Christian faith over opposing forces.

*Hussak, Eugen. Instruction for the determination of rock-forming minerals from the German by Erastus G. Sinith. N. Y., J: Wiley & Sons, 1885. Il. O. cl., $3. *Hutchinson, T: Diary and letters of Thomas Hutchinson, Esq., Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of His Late Majesty's Province of Massachusetts Bay, in North America; with an account of his Government of the Colony during the period preceding the war of independence, etc.; comp. from orig. inal documents; ed. by his grandson, Peter Orlando Hutchinson. V. 2. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886.. O. net, $5.

pors. cl.

*Huxley, T. A. Man's place in nature; Origin of species; Physical basis of life; Lectures on evolution; Animal automatism; [also] Technical education. N Y., J: B. Alden, 1886. 653 p. il. O. cl., $1.15.

Hyde, T: A. and W: A natural system of eló. cution and oratory, founded on an analysis of the human constitution considered in its threefold nature, mental, physiological, and expres sional. N. Y., Fowler & Wells Co., 1886. I + 653 p. il. O. cl., subs., $2.

"The leading principles of the system of oratorical instruction advocated in this book may be briefly stated as follows: The aim of elocutionary instiultion should be to awaken the internal feeling rather than to assume the external language of the feeling or emotion That is, the internal feeling should come first, not the external signs. The radical defect of nearly all systems of elocutionary instruction, which have hitherto appeared, is that they have not a philosophical basis. In addition to the general treatment of the subject according to the principles of the human constitution, we have given a chapter descriptive of the temperaments and the style of elocution natural to each, which any teacher can study, and by observing the temperamental combinations of his pupils can adapt his instruction with the view of developing cach one's natural styles of delivery."—Introduction.

Iconographic (The) encyclopædia of the arts and sciences. Phil.. In about 15 v. V. 1 and 2. Iconographic Pub. Co., 39 N. 9th St., 1886.


Il. and pl. Q. cl., subs., cà. 85.75 h. shp; $6.75 hf. mor., $7.75.

Contents:V. 1, Anthropology and Ethnology, by Dr. D. G. Brinton: Ethnography, by Dr. G. C. Gerland, Strassburg University, Germany. V. a, Prehistoric archa oloby Dr. Brinton: History of Culture, by Dr. August

Von Eye, edited by Jno Foster Kirk. *Illinois. Appellate Courts. Reports, by James B. Bradwell. V. 16, Opinions up to 5th Jan., 1886. Chic., Chic. Legal News Co., 1886. 712 p. O. shp., $3.50.

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Reports of cases, Nov. term, 1855-June term, 1856, by E. Peck. V. 17. Reprinted from the original ed., with anno. by E. B. Smith and E. Hitchcock.-Same, Nov. term, 1856, to April term, 1857. V. 18. Chic., Callaghan & Co., 1886. 10+ 702 10+ 760 p. O. shp. ea., $3.

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Illinois. Supreme Court. Reports of cases t Norman L. Freeman, rep. V. 1.2: June, 1884May, 1885. Springfield, [N. L. Freeman,] 1886. 70 p. O. shp $2.25. *Illinois. Supreme Court.

Reports of cases, by V. 113. Jan., Feb., Springfield, [N. L. O. shp., $2.25. Reports of cases by 1885. Springfield 781 p. O. shp..

Norman L. Freeman. March and May, 1885. Freeman,] 1886. 780 p. *Illinois. Supreme Court. N. L. Freeman. V. 114, [N. L. Freeman], 1886. $2.25


Supreme Court Reports of cases. Norman L. Freeman, Rep. V. 115, Nov., 1185March, 1886. Springfield [N. L. Freeman], T886. 781 p. O. shp.. $2.25. Illinois. Supreme Court. Advance sheets of the Illinois reports; by N. L. Freeman, Rep. V. 116, Sept. 3-Oct. 8, 1886. Springfield [N. L. Freeman], 1886. 11-667 p. D. pap., $1. Illustrated Catholic family annual for 1887; with calendars calculated for different parallels of latitude, and adapted for use throughout the United States. 19th year. N. Y., The Catholic Pub. Soc. Co., [1885.] 156 p il. pap., 25 c. Illustrated family Christian almanac for 1887;

calculated for Bost., N. Y., Wash., and Charleston; adapted for use throughout the country; with valuable scientific and useful information. N. Y., American Tract Soc., [1886.] 48 p. il. sq. D. 10 c.

Imitators (The): a poem of Boston life. Bost., Cupples Upham & Co., 1886. 152 p. S. cl.,


A clever sature, somewhat similar in style to "The Buntling ball,"

In city and camp. Bost., D. Lothrop & Co., [1886.] 3-256 p. il. D. cl. $1.25.

This title covers a series of articles for young people, descriptive of special scenes and characters found in great cities, and of sights and odd personages characteristic of the country. They are: A district messenger boy, by James Otis, Wagon-tire camp, by Kate Foote; The gypsies, by Mary Hartwell Catherwood; Hunted by a wild stallion, by F. E Collins; Wild horses, by Ernest Ingersoll; How Walter found his father. bv Flora Haines Apponyi: After tha


Buffalo, by C. E. S. Wood; Osito, by F. L. Stealey; Jap. by Ellen Olney Kirke; The rich man of the mountains, by Helen E. Sweet; One way to be brave, by Alice Wellington Rollins; The gypsy's prophecy, by Anna Leach; Plum blooms, by Mary Hartwell Catherwood. Bound in green cloth, and gayly stamped in gold and red.

In memoriam, Helen Hunt Jackson, (H. Denver, Col., Frank D. Thayer, [1886.] paging, il. S. pap., 50 c.



A dainty ribbon-tied volume; is illustrated with phototypes of Helen Hunt Jackson, her former home, and grave in Pine Hill Forest, Cheyenne Mountain. The text describes her late home at Colorado Springs, her lonely grave, and gives a short biographical sketch.

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Inter-denominational Congress. Discussions of the Inter-denominational Congress in the interest of city evangelization, he'd in Cin., Dec. 7II, 1885. Cin., published by the Congress, [Cranston & Stowe,] 1886. 269 p. O. pap., 75 c. gress and the subjects of some of the discussions are: The titles of some of the papers read before the ConMenace of the modern city to our civilization; Socialism, by Prof. R: T. Ely: The atheistic trend of socialism, by Simeon Gilbert, D.D.; The homeless classes, by Rev. T: K. Beecher; The enforcement of moral legislation, by Rev. Sylvester F. Scovel; Church neglect as caused by the strife between 'abor and capital; Sabbath desecration; The relation of certain phases of immorality to business interests, by Murray Shipley; Christian work for the popwinners, by Rev. C. Clifton Penich.

*In the fields. N. Y., The Worthington Co., ulation of foreign parentage Christianity and the bread

1886. Q. bds., 75 c.

Inchbald, Mrs. Eliz.

Nature and art. N. Y., Cassell & Co.. 1886. 192 p. S. (Cassell's National lib., no. 25.) pap., 10 c. *Indiana. Supreme Court of Judicature. Reports of cases, by J: W. Kern, Off. rep. V. 102 Nov. term, 1884, and May term, 1885. Indianapolis, Carlon & Hollenbeck, 1885. 19+647 p. O. shp., $3.50.

*Indiana. Supreme Court of Judicature. Reports, by J: W. Kern, Off. rep. v. 103: May term, 1885. Indianapolis, The Bowen-Merrill Co., 1886. 21+649 p. O. shp.. $3.50.

*Indiana. Supreme Court. Reports of cases, by J: W. Kern, off. rep. V. 104, Nov. term, 1885. Indianapolis, The Bowen-Merrill Co., 1886. 21+654 p. O. shp., $3.50.

*Indiana. Supreme Court. Reports of cases, by J: W. Kern, off. rep. V. 105, Nov. term, 1885. Indianapolis, The Bowen-Merrill Co., 21+645 p. O. shp., $3.50.


*Indiana. Supreme Court. Reports of cases: by J. W. Kern, Öff. Rep. V. 106, Nov. term, 1885May term 1886. Indianapolis, The BowenMerrill Co., 1886. 22-644 p. O. shp., $3.50. *Ingalls, J. K. Social wealth; the sole factors and exact ratios in its acquirement and appor

tionment. N. Y., The Truth. Seeker Co., 1885. 320 p. D. cl., $1. *Ingalls, Ja. M.. Exterior ballistics in the plane of fire. N. Y., D. Van Nostrand, 1886 173 p. O. cl $2.50. Ingelow, Jean. John Jerome; his thoughts and ways a book without beginning. Bost., Roberts Bros, 1886. 266 p. S. cl., $1.25. Scarcely can be called a story, and yet the form is that

of action. John Jerome discourses about innumerable

The thread

things, such as the difference between caterpillars and silk-worms, the qualities of the ailanthus tree, etc., before he tells who he is and how he had been induced by his friend Katharina to write the present book. We further learn that he in his youth saved Katharina and her cousin Anna from drowning, and was so injured as to be lame in consequence. Katharina is a strong element of the book, the story becoming almost exciting when a doubt arises as to whether she will accept the right man. of the story, however, is secondary to John Jerome's "thoughts," which relate to a wide range of subjects, including art and religion, and which fill many pages. *Ingersoll, Ernest. To the Shenandoah and beyond: chronicle of a leisurely journey through the uplands of Virginia and Tennessee. II. by Frank H. Taylor. N. Y., Leve & Alden Print. Co., 1885. 250 p. maps, O. cl.

Ingram, H: Atlee. The life and character of Stephen Girard, of the city of Phila., in the commonwealth of Penn., mariner and merchant; with an appendix descriptive of Girard College. 3d ed., rev. Phil., The National School of Elocution and Oratory, 1886. 5-185 p. por, and il. D. cl., $1.25.

*Invincible lib., 4 v. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1886. II. S. cl., ea., $1.

*Iowa. Acts and resolutions passed at the regular session of the 21st General Assembly, Jan. 11-April 13, 1886. Pub. under authority of the State. Des Moines, G: E. Roberts, St. Printer, 1886. 25+252 p. O. shp., $1.75.

Iowa. Highway laws of Iowa, cont. all laws relating to the powers and duties of highway supervisors, with amendments including laws of 1886, with forms. Burlington, Acres, BlackIowa. Supreme Court. mar & Co., 1886. 51 p. O. pap., 25 c.

Reports of cases, by E. C. Ebersole. V. 6, being v. 64 of the series, [June-Oct. 24, 1884.] N. Y. and Alb., Banks & Bros., 1885. 849 p. O. shp., $5. Iowa. Supreme Court. Reports of cases, by E. C. Ebersole, rep. V. 7, being v. 65 of the series, [Oct. term, 1884-April term, 1885.] N. Y. and Alb., Banks & Bros., 1886. 843 p. O. shp., $5.

*Iowa. Supreme Court. Reports of cases by E. C. Ebersole. V. 8, being v. 66 of the series, [April, June and Sept. terms, 1885.] N. Y. and Alb., Banks & Bros., 1886. 851 p. O. shp., $5.

#Iowa. Supreme Court. Reports of cases.


C. Ebersole, Rep. V. 9, being V. 67 of the series [Sept., Oct., and Dec. terms, 1885.] Alb. & N. Y., Banks & Bros., 1886. 858 p. O. shp., $5.

*Iron and Steel Institute. Journal of the iron and steel institute, no. I, 1886. N. Y., E. & F. N. Spon, 1886. 437 p. O. cl., $4.25. Ironquill, (pseud.) Rhymes of Ironquill. Topeka, Kansas, T. J. Kellam. [G: W. Crane & Co..] 1885. 3-156 p. O. cl., $1.50. Collection of short poems on various subjects. A handsomely gotten-up book, well printed on fine linen paper, with generous margins.

N. Y.,

J: B.

*Irving, Washington. Works. Alden, 1886. 9 v. D. cl., $8; same, Caxton ed., in 6 v., cl., $3.80.

Cont.: V. 1, Life of Christopher Columbus; v. 2, Sketch

book, with portrait, Knickerbocker's New York; v. 3, Life of Oliver Goldsmith, Bracebridge Hall; v. 4. Tales of the Alhambra, Conquest of Granada; v. 5, Mahomet and his successors, Moorish chronicles; v. 6. Crayon papers, Conquest of Spain, Spanish voyages of discovery: V. 7, Astoria, The tour of the prairies; v. 8, Adventures of Captain Bonneville, Salmagundi; v. 9, Tales of a traveller, Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey, Miscellanies.

Irving, Washington. English sketches; from "The sketch-book." Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., [1886.] 3-80 p. il. O. cl., $1.50.

Contents: "Rural life in England;" "Westminster Abbey ;""Little Britain; and Stratford on Avon." About twenty-five original illustrations by eminent artists. Some of the head and tail-pieces are very happily done Large, clear print and gilt edges,

[blocks in formation]

*Irving, Washington. A history of New Jackson, Mrs. Helen Hunt, ["H. H."] York from the beginning of the world to the end of the Dutch dynasty, by Diedrich Knickerbocker: new. ed., containing unpublished corrections of the author. with il. by G: H. Boughton, Will H. Drake, Howard Pyle, and etchings by H: C. Eno and F. Raubicheck. In 2 v. V. 1. N. Y., printed for the Grolier Club. [Theo. L. De Vinne & Co.,] 1886. O. bds., for complete work, $20. [175 copies on holland, 2 on vellum.]

Glimpses of three coasts. Bost. Roberts Bros., 1886. 2+418 p. D. ci., $1.50. Descriptive papers of travels in California and Oregon, Scotland and England, and Norway, Denmark, and Germany; some are and new and others are reprinted from the Atlantic and the Century. They relate to "Outdoor inustries in Southern California,' "Father Junipero and his work," "The present condition of the mission Indians in Southern California,' "1 "Echoes in the City of the Angels.Chance days in Oregon." "A Burns pilgrimage, Bergen days," "The Katrina Saga, "The village of Oberammergau." and "The passion play at Oberammer

Irving, Washington. Knickerbocker sketches; from "A history of New York;" il. by F. O. C. Darley. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1886. 4-87 p. il. O. cl., $1.50.

The contents are "The settlement of New York;

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"The golden reign of Wouter Van Twiller;" "The reign of William the Testy;" and "The reign of Peter Stuyvesant." Has six full-page illustrations and four vignettes by F. O. C. Darley.

*Irving, Washington. Old Christmas and Bracebridge Hall; il. by Randolph Caldecott. Edition de luxe. N. Y., Macmillan, 1886. O. cl., $5.

Irving, Washington. The pride of the village,

and other tales; from


The sketch-book.' Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., [1886.] 3-80 p. il. O. cl., $1.50.

Contents: Pride of the village: "The widow and her son: "The broken heart; "The wife;" "A royal poet;""The country church.' Profusely illustrated by well-known artists. The initial letters are specially pretty.

*Irving, Washington. Rip Van Winkle : a legend

of the Hudson; with 48 il. by Gordon Browne. N. Y., Scribner & Welford. 886. 128 p. Q. cl., $3.50.

*Irving, Washington. Sketch book.

N. Y.,

J: B. Alden, 1886. 307 p. il. D. bds.. 40 c. Irving, Washington. The sketch-book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. N. Y., G: Munro, [1885.] 3-370 p. S. (Seaside lib. pocket ed. no. 643.) pap., 20 c.

Jackson, Lady Cath. Charlotte. The court of France in the 16th century, 1514-1559. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 88 p. Q. (Harper's Franklin sq. lib., no. 540.) pap., 25 C.

Lady Jackson has a special gift of description, which has full scope for its exercise in the brilliant courts of Francis I. and Henry II., whose reigns occupied the first part of the 16th century. The many pageants of marriages and deaths, notably, among the former, that of Mary of Scotland to the young Dauphin of France, are presented to the reader with a wealth of detail that is quite fascinating. This epoch is rich in many interests. It witnessed the beginning of the Reformation in France, and possessed the infamous Catherine de Medici. It was a period of great luxury and display, and one in which learning and the fine arts received a great impetus. Lady Jackson has done full justice to all these subjects.

*Jackson, Lady Catherine Charlotte. The court of France in the sixteenth century, 15141559. N. Y., Scribner & Welford, 1886. 2 v. 796 p. por. O. cl., $9.

*Jackson, L. D. A. Statistics of hydraulic works and hydrology of England, Canada, Egypt, and India; collected and reduced by L: D. A. Jackson. N. Y., E. & F. N. Spon, 1885. 583 p. O. cl., $12.50.

ckson, Tatlow. Husband and wife in Pennsylvania. Phil., R. Welsh & Co., 1885. 1+7-134 p. O. hf. shp., $1.

*Jackson, Rev. W. T. Seneca and Kant: an exposition of stoic and rationalistic ethics, with a comparison and criticism of the two systems. Dayton, O., United Brethren Pub. House, 1886. D. cl., 75 c.


*Jackson, Mrs. Helen H. ["H. H."] The procession of flowers in Colorado; il. in watercolors by Alice A. Stewart. Bost., Roberts Bros., 1886. Q. cl., $25. [Edition limited to 100 copies.]

Jackson, Mrs. Helen Hunt, ["H. H.," pseud. Sonnets and lyrics. Bost., Roberts Bros., 188€ 3-135 p. il. T. cl., $1.

· Many of the poems have long been favorites, and a reperusal of them increases the favorable opinion with which they were first regarded. They are the outpourings of a woman's warm heart and have that spontaneous

quality which we all admire in the verses of our best minor singers. The sonnets are clean cut, artistic pro

ductions, and the lyrics sing themselves into the memory like strains of delicious music. The shorter pieces are delightful, but Mrs. Hunt showed that she was capable of higher flights in The story of Boon." This is told in flowing numbers, and with a felicity of description and richness of coloring that reproduce the tragic features that underlie all the glowing beauty of Eastern life."-Boston Gazette

Jackson, Mrs. Helen Hunt, ["H. H." Zeph: a posthumous story. Bost., Roberts Bros., 1885. 253 p. D. cl., $1.25.


The scene is laid in Colorado. Zeph is a carpenter. is married to "Rushy," a vain, passionate, discontented woman, who at intervals leaves his house and stays away for days, sometimes taking her children, sometimes not. Zeph's tender love for this woman, his patience and consideration, and the many plans and thoughts he has to make her home more attractive to her, are themes that Mrs. Jackson handles in her exquisite way. The story was broken off suddenly by her death. The rough outline of the plot as noted down in her papers has been added by the publishers.

*Jacob, Ephraim A. An analytical digest of the law and practice of the courts of England, comprising the reported cases from 1756 to 1886. V. II, Supplement, 1883-1886. N. Y., Digest Pub. Co., 1886. 9p.+17269–18874 cols. O. shp., $6.

Jacob Schuyler's millions. a novel. N. Y., Appleton, 1886. 282 p. D. pap., 50 c.

Jacob Schuyler's millions" is an American novel, the action taking place in New Jersey, near New York City and in the metropolis. The story is of strong interest, affording a graphic picture of life a quarter of a century ago. The characters are well portrayed, the style is fluent and easy, and the mystery surrounding Jacob Schuyler's millions is ingeniously managed.

Jacques, W. H. Modern armor for national detence. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1886. 44 p. il. D. (Questions of the day, no. 32.) pap., 50 c.

"Presenting practical information about material, methods of manufacture, cost, development, tests and application, effects of fire, resistance of plates, and a comparison of the results that have been obtained at the most important competitive trials, together with statistics."

Jak, [pseud.] The Riverside museum. N. Y., T: Y. Crowell & Co., [1886.] 306 p. il. D. cl., $1.25.

A sequel to "Birchwood." Those who read that book will remember that Mr. Plimpton had offered the use of an old vacant house on his place to his children and their young friends, upon condition that they should use it not as a mere play-house, but for some purpose tending to their improvement. After much thought and consultation the young folks decided to make a museum of it, for the purpose of studying and collecting specimens of natural objects in the neighborhood; and to this was added a library, consisting of donations of books and papers for the children themselves. The account of how the museum

[blocks in formation]

*James, G. P. R. Morley Ernstein.

N. Y..

F: Warne & Co., 1886. 182 p. D. (Warne's notable novels.) pap., 20 c. James, II: The Bostonians. a novel.

N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1886. 2449 p. D. cl., $2.

The Bostonians" is more a series of sketches than a story, the plot being a mere thread connecting them together, in which there is neither suspense nor surprises. The characters are taken from a special class of men and women-women chiefly-whom we are led to believe flour ish in the atmosphere of Boston-mediums, lecturers, woman's rights women, philanthropists, and radicals of all kinds and degrees. Mr. James presented his people with such cruel attention to details, that those satirized were easily pointed out, much wrath and indignation being the natural consequence, in the novel's slow course through the Atlantic. Noble aims and purposes meet with the same vivisection and biting sarcasm that are hestowed upon thecranks" and "frands"-the whole tone of the book being pessimistic in the highest degree. Still it is a notable work, and one upon which M Temes has bestowed more care than anything he has ever written.

James, H: The Princess Casamassima: a novel.
N. Y., Macmillan & Co. 1886. 2+596 p. D
cl., $1.75.
The entire story finds scene in London. The characters
are, with a few exceptions, from the working classes, and
are all strongly imbued with socialistic principles; the
Princess Casamassima and several of her trusted friends
belong to a secret society, whose chief aim is the assassi-
nation of obnoxious persons of the nobility and the im-
provement of the condition of he poor. The hero, Hya-
cinth Robinson, is a poor bookbinder whose birth is shad-
owed by a tragedy, and who owes the care of his early
years to the charity of an unfashionable dressmaker, liv-
ing in an obscure London street. He is fascinated by the
"Princess," his weak nature making him a victim of a
plot laid for others. The Princess' title is derived from
her Italian husband; she is English by birth, with Amer-
ican blood in her veins, being, in fact, our old friend
Christina Light, the heroine of "Roderick Hudson."
The book is rich in elaborate character studies, and is one
of the most interesting and popular in style of any James
has written.

James, H:, jr. Watch and ward. Bost.. Hough-
ton, Mifflin & Co., 1886. 219 p. S. (Riverside
pocket ser.. no. 6.) bds., 50 c.

"Watch and ward' first appeared in the Atlantic

Monthly, in 1871. It has now been minutely revised and
and has received many verbal alterations
*Jameson, Mrs. Anna. Characteristics of
women: moral, poetical, and historical.
New ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co.,
1886. 467 p. S. cl., $1.25.
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ennuyée. New ed. Bost., Houghton, Mif-
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Jameson, Mrs. Anna. Legends of the Ma-
donna as represented in the fine arts.
ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886.
S. cl., $1.25.



*Jameson, Mrs Anna. Legends of the
monastic orders, as represented in the fine
arts forming the second series of "Sacred
and legendary art New ed. Bost, Hough-
ton, Mifflin & Co., 1836. S. cl., $1.25.
*Jameson, Mrs. Anna. Memoirs of the early
Italian painters. New ed. Bost., Houghton,
Mifflin & Co., 1886. 352 p. S. cl., $1.25.
*Jameson, Mrs. Anna. Memoirs of the loves
of the poets: biographical sketches of women
celebrated in ancient and modern poetry.
New ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co.,
1886, 517 p S. cl., $1.25.


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*Jameson, Mrs. Anna. Sacred and legendary,
art. New ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin &
Co., 1886. 2 v. S. cl., $2.50.
Jameson, Mrs. Anna. Sketches of art, litera-
ture, and character. New ed. Bost., Hough-
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*Jameson. Mrs. Anna. Studies and stories.
New ed. Bost., Houghton. Mifflin & Co.,
1886. S. cl., $1.25.

Jameson, J. Franklin. An introduction to'
the study of the constitutional and political
history of the states. Balt., N. Murray, agt.
John Hopkins Univ., 1886. 29 p. O. (Johns
Hopkins Univ. studies, 4th ser., no. 5.) pap.,

50 c.

Jamieson, Andrew. A text-book on steam and
steam-engines, specially arranged for the use
of science and art, and engineering students;
with diagrams. 4 folding pl., N. Y., Scribner
& Welford, 1886. D. cl., $3.

Janes, E. Human psychology; an introduc-
tion to philosophy: being a brief treatise on
intellect, feeling, and will.
Baker & Taylor, [1886.]

Rev. ed. N. Y., 5+300 p. D. cl.,

For the general reader, or may be used as a text-book. advancing to perception and consciousness, and thus The arrangement is progressive, beginning with the senses, gradually approaching the metaphysical questions involved in psychology. Quotations are freely made from the highest authorities of different schools, but none are treated as inphilosophy is continuous and progressive, and to familiarize fallible. A brief historical sketch is intended to show that the student with a few of the greatest names in its literature. First published by W. B. Hardy, Oakland, Cal. Janes, L: G. A study of primitive Christianity. Bost., Index Association, 1886. 320 p O. cl.. $1.50.


Treats of the natural evolution of the Christian religion, its historical antecedents in Palestinian Judaism and Roman Paganism; investigates the history of the Founder of Christianity in the light of the latest scientific criticism of the New Testament illustrates the natural genesis and growth of miraculous narratives; discusses the influence history and extent of the persecutions, the character of of Paul on the development of the growing faith, the true Marcus Aurelius, and the influence of Stoicism on Christianity; considers the attitude of Constantine toward the new faith, and his influence in establishing it as the religment of Christian dogma and ecclesiasticai institutions. Complete references, full index, and bibliography. Janvier, T: A. The Mexican guide. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons 1886. 8+310 p. maps and plans, S. leath., $2.00.

ion of the Roman Empire; traces the natural develop

Divided into two parts, the first being a traveller's
guide, the second descriptive and historical. Mr. Janvier
says in his preface: "This book contains the information
that I felt the want of when I first went to Mexico. The
theory upon which it is constructed is, that what can be easi-
ly found and plainly seen need not be laboriously described;
that a traveller of ordinary intelligence, after being told
what to look for, and where to look for it in a strange
country, desires most to know the historic facts and as-
sociations connected with what he sees. Consequently,
while I have not shrunk from using angular facts wherever
clearness made such facts necessary, there are not many
lengths, breadths, and thicknesses in this guide-book."
*Jarman, T: A general index to Jarman on
wills. Randolph and Talcott's edition.
Jersey City, F: D. Linn & Co., 1886. 1+
807-980 p. O. hf. shp., $1.50.

*Jastrow, M., comp. A dictionary of the Tar-
gumim, the Talmud, Babli and Yerushalmi, and
the Midrashic literature. In 12 pts.
N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1886.
pap., subs., $2


W. M. L.

Pt. I. 96 p. Q.

N. Y.,


The daisy seekers.
P. Dutton & Co. [1886.] No paging, il. sq.
S. ribbon-tied, pap., $1.

A pretty allegorical poem printed very attractively and illustrated throughout. Bound in stiff paper, with gold edges and gold lettering.

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