Slike stranica
[blocks in formation]

West, J. $1.Holt.


Whom God hath joined. Martin, Mrs. E. G. Wicked girl (A). Hay, M. C. p. 1oc................... - Same, p. 1oc............ Lovell; Munro; N. L. Munro. Wickersham, J. P. History of education in Pennsylvania. (My) O. $3....... ...Inquirer Pub. Co. Wide-awake stories for the young. (09) sq. O, bds. $1. Routledge. Wiedersheim, R. Elements of comparative anatomy of vertebrates. (fr the Ger.) (S4) O. net, $3.


Wife in name only. Braeme, C. M. p. 20c......Lovell.



[blocks in formation]

Cassell. Munro.

Winchell, S. R.
(O2) D. 63c..
Wind of destiny. Hardy, A. S.
Windsor. Loftie, W. J. $7.50
Wingate, G: W.

Elementary lessons in

$1.25....Houghton, M.


Through the Yellowstone Park.

...O. Judd.

Wife's (A) confession. (Ag28) S. p. 15c
- (The) sacrifice. Ennery, A. D. p. 1oc
Wigwam and the cabin. Simms, W. G. p. 30c. Lovell.
Wilberforce, Dan. F. Sherbro and the Sherbros.
(Ag18) D. p. 1oc......... United Brethren Pub. House.
Wilbur, Mrs. C. E. Annie Barton's journal. (D11) D.
......Cranston & S.
- Hospital rose. (Mr27) D. $1......Am. Bapt. Pub. Soc.
Rosebuds for the little ones. 10 V. (Ja23) S. $2 per set.
Am. Bapt. Pub Soc.
Wilcox, Ella W. Mal Moulée. (Ja2) D. $1...Carleton.
Perdita. (Je12) D. p. 25c..
Wilcox, Marion. Real people. (09) S. $1.
White, S. & A.
Wild flowers of America. Goodale, G. $40.. Estes & L.
Hervey, A. B. $3.75..
Estes & L.
Wildenbruch, E. von. Master of Tanagra. (N13) S.

P. 40c Westermann. Wilder, S. Life. (023) D. $1.50. Rockwell & Churchill. Wilderness road. Speed, T. $1.50. Morton. Wilford, T. F. Book of recitations for children. (016) S. p. 25c.; bds. 50c..... ......Excelsior Pub. House. Wilful young woman. Price, A. p. 20c....... Harper. Wilkens, Mary E. Adventures of Ann. (N13) D. 75c. Wilkeson, F.

(D18) S. $1..


Recollections of a private soldier.


Wilkinson, W: C. Classic French course in English. (O2) S. 6oc..

(My22) D. $1.50...

[blocks in formation]

Cong, S. S. Pub. Soc. Winsor, J., ed. History of America. In 8 v. (Mr20) O. subs. $5.50; shp. $6.50; hf. mor. $7.50. Same, large paper ed., Q. bds. per v. $15. Houghton, M. Winter, J: S. Army society. (Je12) S. p. 25c.. Harper. - Same. (Je26) S. p. 10c.......... Munro; N. L. Munro. - Cavalry life. (Mr13) S. p. 25c..

- Same. (Ap3) S. p. 20c......
In quarters with the 25th dragoons.

Man of honor. (Ja30) S. p. 25c..

- Same. (F13) p. 20c..

- Mignon's secret. (030) S. p. 10c.. Pluck. (Je19) S. p. 25c.....

[blocks in formation]

Will. Robbins, Mrs. S. S. 75c......

.Phillips & H. Carter. Will Weatherhelm. Kingston, W. H. G. p. 20c. Munro. Will power. Fothergill, J. M. $1.25....... Willard, Frances E. How to win. (030) D. $1.

- Stage life of Mary Anderson. (My29) S. p. $1.25.



Funk & W

Winter resorts. See Appletons'.
Winterfeld, A. von. The matrimonial agent of Pots-
dam. (D25) D. $1.25..

[blocks in formation]



Wood's pocket manuals. See Piffard.
Woods, A. T. and Stahl, A. W.
anism. (Ja16) D. $2.....
Woods, Mrs. Kate T.


Elementary mechVan Nostrand. That dreadful boy. (Je12) D. De Wolfe, Fiske. (016) S. net, 75C. Macmillan. Wool fibre, Structure of. Bowman, F. H. $6.50. Baird. Woolf, Ph. Who is guilty? (My29) S $t .......Cassell. Woolley, Celia P. George Eliot. (D4) T. p. 10c.. Kerr. Woolsey, S. C. For summer afternoons. N. ed. (Ag14) S. $1.25: P. 50c.....

Woods, M. A., comp. Poetry book.

What Katy did next. (030) S. $1.50..



[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Withrow, W. H.



-reed and lyre.

Without blemish. Walworth, Mrs. J. H.

Life in a parsonage. (Jy34) D. 50c.

Witness my hand. (My15) S. p. 25c...

Same. (Jy3) p. 10с......

[blocks in formation]

Woermann, K. See Woltmann, A.
Wolseley, General. Soldier's pocket-book for field ser.
vice. 5th ed. (My22) Tt. flex. leath. $2.... Macmillan.
Woltmann, A., and Woermann, K: Hist. of painting.
V. 2. (Ja2) O. $12.50.
.Dodd, M.
Woman against woman. Holmes, Mrs. M. A. p. 20C.

- I loved. Blagden, L. p. 1oc... -in music. Upton, G. P. $1.. --sacred song. Smith, E. M. --the past, present, and future.

Lovell: N. L. Munro.

Munro. McClurg. $3.50.. Lothrop Bebel, A. p. 30c. Bordollo; Lovell. white. 2 pts. Collins, W. p. ea. 20c...... Munro. Woman's error (A). Braeme, C. M. p. 20c Lovell; Munro;. N. L. Munro. -(A) honor. Young, E. A. p. 20c. Lovell. -sacrifice. Ferret. L. P. 25C....... Rand, McN. temptation. Braeme, C. M. p. 20c..... N. L. Munro. vengeance. Holmes, Mrs. M. A. p. 20c.......Lovell. - work and worth. Adams, W. H. D. $1.25. Rand, McN. Women, Characteristics of. Jameson, Mrs. A. $1.25. Houghton, M.

[blocks in formation]

Women's art museum. Perry, Mrs. Eliz. W.
Won by waiting. Lyall, Edna. $1.50
Wonders of prayer. Muller, G.
Wood, Charlotte D. See Dunning, C.
Wood, De V. The luminiferous æther. (Jy24) S. bds.
.....Van Nostrand.

Wood, Hazel. An only daughter. (D4). Her son's
wife. (D18)-On the quick-sands. (D11).-Terrible
tangle. (D18).-Tramp's daughter. (D25).-Two
wives. (D25) ea. S. p. 20C...
N. L. Munro.

Wood, Mrs. H. See Pearl.

Wood, H. G. Practice evidence in the trial of causes. (My22) O. shp. $6.. ..Banks.

-Treatise on the law of fire insurance. 2d ed. 2v. (S4) O. shp. net, $11..

Banks. master and servant. 2d ed. (030) O. shp. Parsons.

$6.50 Wood, J. G. First natural history reader. (Ag7) S. net, 20c... .......Boston School Supply Co. Half-hours with a naturalist. (N13) S. $1.50.

[blocks in formation]

- My back-yard zoo. (N6) S. 90c...
Second natural history reader. (D18) S. net, 30c.
Boston School Supply Co.
Wood, hay and stubble. Hamilton, K. W. $1.25.
Presb. Bd. of Pub.
Woodcraft. Simms, W. G. p. 30c... Lovell.
Woodman, P. M. Lawyers' diary for Wisconsin. (Ja9)
D. shp. tuck. $3..
...... Swinburne.

Wood's lib. of standard med. authors. See Amory;
Blanford; Bramwell; Dujardin-Beaumetz; Eichhorst;
Hippocrates; Gowers; Maclagan.

Rodman the keeper. N. iss. (D4) S. $1 Worcester, A. Monthly nursing. (N6) D. $1.25.

D. W. Mason.

Worcester, J: Lectures upon the doctrines of the new church. (F13) S. 50c....... ...... New Church Union. Word for the day. R., A. J. A. 75C: $1; $1.75; $2.50. Ireland. - of the Lord concerning sickness. McCalla, G. M. 25c McCalla. Words and their uses. White, R. G. $1.Houghton, M. Philosophy of. Garlan 11, F. $1.50........A. Lovell. Study of. French, R: C. 50c... to the winners of souls. Wordsworth W: [Poems.] (D4) Tt. - Poetical works. (My1) O. $1.50.. Selections. (N6) S. p. 15c... Workman (The). Thompson, J. P.

[blocks in formation]

Works, J: D. Practice, pleading, and forms of Indiana.
V. 3. (N6) O. shp. net, $6....
..R. Clarke.
Workshop receipts. V. 4. Lock, C. G. W. $2..Spon.
World acting drama. 12 nos. (N6) D. p. ea. 15c.
Dramatic Pub. Co.

and the logos. Thompson, H. M. $1........Putnam. - (The) between them. Braeme, C. M. p. 20c Munro. — (The) went very well then. Besant, W.p. 25c. Harper. World's workers. See Swaine. Worthington, Sophie. Under the apple trees. (Ja16) D. $.... ..Philips & H.

Worthington's annual. (N15) sq. O. bds. $1.50.


- natural históry. (D4) sq. O. bds. $1.50... Worthington. Wreck of the Hesperus. Longfellow, H. W. $1.50. Dutton. Wreckers (The). Dowling, G. T. $1.25....Lippincott. Wright, Annie L. Little heartsease. (Ap3) sq. S. $t; P. 5oc... .... Peterson. Wright, F. A., ed. Architectural studies. Pt. 3. (Ja23) Pt. 4 (Mr20) Q. p. ea. $1. .Comstock. Wright, Henrietta C. Children's stories of American progress. (N6) D. $1.50... Scribner. Wright, J: A. People and preachers in the M. E. Church. (Ja23) D. $1.25... .....Lippincott.

Wright, Julia McN. Bricks from Babel. (My15) S. 6oc. Alden. (D18) D. $1.25.... Presb. Bd. of Pub. (09) D. $1.25.

[blocks in formation]

- reproduction, Selections for. Shaw, E. R. 56c.
Wylde, Katharine. An ill-regulated mind. (S18&25)
S. p. 10c....
N. L. Munro.
Wyman, Lillie C. Poverty grass. (S4) S. $1.25.
Houghton, M.
Wynkoop, R: Vessels and voyages. (D18) O. $2.
Burr Printing House.
Rand McNally & Co.
$3... Vaughan & M.

Wyoming, Pocket map of. See
Session laws. (D4) O. hf. shp.
Xenophon, Anabasis. Book I. (Marshall.) (Mr13) S.
net, boc.......

[blocks in formation]




(My22); Pt. 2. (My29) p.

ea. 20c...


Dove in the eagle's nest.
Hopes and fears. 2 pts.
Love and life. (Ap17) S. p. 20c..

(Ja23) S. p. 20c.. (Jeg) ea. p. 20c..


Modern Telemachus. (N13) D. $1.50

Munro. Munro. Macmillan.




Same. (D18) S. p. 20c.........

My young Alcides. (F6) S. p. 20c...
Nuttie's father. (Ja16) S. p. 20c...

Youmans, Eliza A. Descriptive botany. (Mr6) D. $1.50.......


Young, A. Young folks' hist. of the Netherlands. (N13) D. $1.50.....

Estes & L. Young, E. A. Barbara's rival. (Ja9) S. p. 20c..Lovell. Young America. Davis, F. I. bds. 75C..

Aldine Bk. Pub. Co. ...N. L. Munro.

duke. Disraeli, B. p. 20c... folks' entertainments. Rook, E. C.

bds. 40c.; p. 25c Nat, School of Eloc. and Oratory.

[blocks in formation]

Zeller, E: Outlines of the hist. of Greek philosophy. (tr. ...Appleton. by F. Alleyne and E. Abbott.) (Ja30) D. $1.75....Holt. Zenobia. Ware, W. 2 pts. ea. p. 20c....... Munro. Zeph. Jackson, Mrs. H. H. $1.25... Zickel's deutsch-amerikanischer kalender. (016) Q. p. 25C...... Zickel. Ziemssen, H. von. Handbook of general therapeutics. In 7 v. V. 1-4. (F20); V. 5. (Jy24) O. subs.. ea. $4.50; for complete work, $32.50.... Wood. Zigzag journeys in the sunny South. Butterworth, H. $2.25; bds. $1.75 .Estes & L.

Zimmerman, Mrs. Jane E.

[blocks in formation]


For more

Of Books of 1886, of which titles were not sent for record until 1887.
full titles, see publishers' lists herewith. Books merely new issues or
imported in small lots without American imprint, are not
included in the Index and Supplementary List.

A Kempis, Imitation of Christ. $..... White, S. & A.
Aluminium. Richards, J. W. $2.50...
American (The) system of dentistry. V. 1. $6; $7: $8.
Anatomy, Compend of. $1; $1.25....
Anderson, J. W. Prospector's handbook. D. $1.50.

Art, Principles of. Van Dyke, C. $1.25.. Fords, H. & H.
Arts (The) in the middle ages. Lacroix, P. $7.50.. Pott.
At the sign of the lyre. Dobson. $2 to $5.

White, S. & A.
Aubert. Cupid's holiday; Cupid's menu; Winter. ea.
$1.50 to $3.
White, S. & A.

Bad habits of good society. Baker. $1 to $3.50.
White, S. & A.
Baker, Geo. A. Bad habits of good society. $1 to $3.50.
White, S. & A.
Point lace and diamonds. $1 to $2.50.. White, S. & A.
Ballard, Harlan H. Handbook of blunders. 50c.

Basket (A) of Easter eggs. $..
Bayley, T:

Lee & S.
Lee & S.

Pocketbook for chemists, roan, $2..Spon.

Beasley, H. Druggists' general receipt-book. $2.25.

[blocks in formation]


..Funk & W.

Biblical difficulties, Handbook of. Tuck, Rev. Rob.

[blocks in formation]

Rand, McN. White, S. & A. Blakiston.

Detective's (The) eye. Du Boisgobey, F. p. 25c.
Diffidence. Worrall. (Etchings.) $6 to $20.
Disease, Symptoms of. $1......
Dobson, Austin. At the sign of the lyre. $2 to $5.

White, S. & A.

- Vignettes in rhyme. $2 to $5. White, S. & A.
Douglas, A. M. The foes of her household. $1.50.
Lee & S.
Dover. The ministry of mercy. $1.75: vel. $2.... Pott.
Druggists' general receipt-book. Beasley, H. $2.25.


.Pott. 25c..Rand, Mc N.

Rand, McN.

Drummond, H. Natural law in the spiritual world
Du Boisgobey, F. Cecil's fortune.
- The detective's eye. p. 25c..
The steel necklace. p. 25C...
Ear (The). Pritchard, U. $1.50..
English history, Handbook of. Guest, M. J.

Rand, McN

Parliament (The) and its transformation
thousand years. Gneist, Dr. R. $3.50.
Erdman, W. J. Unseen world, 20c..
Exegetical theology. Weidner. $1.
Eye, Refraction of.

Fevers. Collie, A.

Morton, A. $1 $2.50...


Lee & S. through a Little, B.





Foes (The) of her household. Douglas, A. M. $1.50,

Fox. Water, air, and food.

Furnishing for workers.
leath. 25c...

[blocks in formation]

Future probation. $1.50.
Gallaudet, E. M.

United Breth. Pub. House.

International law. $1.50......Holt.
Gems of modern art. $7.50.......

Geology, Blowpipe in. Ross, W. A. $1.50...... Baird.
Giberne, Agnes. A quiet life. il. $1.25.

American S. S. Union.
Gneist, Dr. The English Parliament and its transfor-
mation through a thousand years. $3.50......Little, B.
Golden words of holy men. Houghton. $r.

White, S. & A. Goodell, T. D. The Greek in English. 75C...... Holt. Gordon, A. J., Works of. ea. $1; $1.25; $1.50.... Revell. Greek in English. Goodell, T. D. 75C Holt. Greenough, Mrs. R. Mary Magdalene and other Ticknor.

[blocks in formation]

Hair and scalp. Jackson, G. T. $3.50.....
Handbook of blunders. Ballard, H. H. 50c.. Lee & S.
Hall. Sun and star calendar. $..... White, S. & A.
Harte, F. Bret. The queen of the Pirate isle. il. by
Kate Greenaway. $1.50..
Healing and service. $1.
Heaphey, Thos. The likeness of Christ. $1.50, net, by
mail, $1.65
...Houghton, M.
D. $2.

Heart (The) of the weed. $1...

Heath, C. Minor surgery and bandaging.

Heavenly recognition. McWhinney, Rev. T. M. il. 6oc.
Fords, H. & H.


[blocks in formation]

-Silver thoughts of great minds..
Howson. Our collects. $1.25.
Hubert, H. P. Studies of great composers, with por-
traits. $1.75...



Hunter, Thos. ed. Home culture. $2...
Imitation of Christ. A Kempis. $1... White, S. & A.
Jackson, Geo. T. The hair and scalp. $3.50... Treat.
Jones, J. C. The saints of the Prayer-book. $.. Pott.
Labor troubles. Brown, C. O. p. 30c.......... Revell.
Lacroix, P. The arts in the middle ages. $7.50.. Pott.
Ladies of the White House. Halloway. 2 V. ea. $3.50.
Funk & W
Lectures to nurses. Hood, D. $.........Blakiston.
Leith. Thoughts and remembrance. $1.50.
White, S. & A.
Life and times of Queen Victoria. Smith, G. B. $3.
Lock, C. G. W. Tobacco. O. $3.
Luckock, Rev. H. M. The bishops in the tower. $1.50.

Macduff, Rev. J. R. Morning family prayers. $2.

Ripples in the twilight. $r.... McWhinney, Rev. T. M. Heavenly

Carter. ..Carter. recognition. 6oc. Fords, H. & H. $3.25.... Young. il. $6.... Baird. Greenough, Mrs.

Man and his handiwork. Wood, J. G.
Manufacture of paper. Davis, C. T.
Mary Magdalene and other poems.
R. бос..
Mason, R. O., M.D. Sketches and impressions. $1.25.



Massage as treatment. Murrell, Wm. $1.... Blakiston.
Materia medica. Phillips, C. D. F. $7.50.. Blakiston.
Potter, S. O. L. $3; leath. $3.50.... ..Blakiston.
Matthews, People's commentary on. il., $1.25.
Amer. S. S. Union.
Mechanics. Spon, O. p. $2.50...
Metal-bearing minerals. Anderson, J. W. $1.50. Baird.
Miller, A. P. Consolation and other poems. $1.

Mineralogy, Blowpipe in. $1.50...




Ministry of mercy. Dover. $1.75; vel. $2.. ..Pott.
Minor surgery and bandaging. Heath, C. $2.. Blakiston.
Mississippi. Sup. Ct. Repts. (Heming.) $6.
T. & J. W. Johnson.
Modern art, Gems of. $7.50....
Moody, D. L. Himmillen. p. 40c.; 60c ........ Revell.
Morning family prayers. Macduff, Rev. J. R. $2.
Morton, A. Refraction of the eye. D. $1.. Blakiston.
Munhall, L. W. Furnishing for workers. 20c.; flex.
leath. 25C...
.........United Breth. Pub. House.
Murrell, W. Massage as a mode of treatment. D. $1.
My sermon notes. V. 3. Spurgeon. $1.... Funk & W.
Natural law in the spiritual world. Drummond, H.

Norway nights and Russian days. il.

Not so very long ago. $1.25...
Nurses, Lectures to. Hood, D. $1.
Obstetrics. Parvin. $4.25; $5.25..
Old Si's sayings. Small, S. W.



Fords, H. & H. ........Carter.

Blakiston. ........Lea.

75C.; P.

35c..... Revell.

[blocks in formation]

Pastor in his closet. Potter, Rt. Rev. H. 6oc.; leath. $1. Pott. Am. S. S. Union. Perry, Prof. Jno. Telpherage. O. p. 20c.... ..Spon. Phillips, C. D. F. Materia medica. $7.50.. Blakiston. Planet (Our), Life history of. Gunning. $1.50.


Point lace and diamonds. Baker. $1 to $2.50.

White, S. & A.


Potter, Rt. Rev. H. Pastor in his closet. 6oc.; leath. $1; ea. net... Potter, S. O. L. $1.25..

[blocks in formation]

Compend of anatomy. 4th ed. $r;

D. $3; leath. $3.50.

Practical Hydraulics. Box, Thos. $2. Prayer-book, The saints of the. $1..





[blocks in formation]

Pump construction. Bjorling, P. R. $1.50... Spon.
Queen of the Pirate isle. Harte, Bret. $1.50.
Quiet life (A). Giberne, Agnes. il. $1.25.
Am. S. S. Union.
Rab and his friends. Brown, J. $1 to $2.50.
White, S. & A.
Rand, E. A. The Schooner on the beach series. il.
in a box. $3.50...
.....Am. S. S. Union.
Rhetoric, Practical. Clark, J. S. $1.25... Holt.
Rice, E. W. People's commentary on Matthew. il.
..Am. S. S. Union.



Richards, J. W. Aluminium. D. $2.50.............. Baird.
Richardson, J. Mechanical dentistry. $4.50 leath.
Richter, V. Inorganic chemistry. D. $2.....Blakiston.
Organic chemistry. 4th ed. $3; leath..$3.50. Blakiston.
Ritchie, A. Bible doctrines. D. $1.25.
Ritchie,-. Spiritual studies in St. John's gospel. net, 60c.
Roberts, A. S. Club-foot. D.
Ross, Clinton. The silent workman. 75. Putnam.
Ross, W. A. The blowpipe in chemistry, mineralogy,
and geology. $1.50...
Russian days and Norway nights. $1... Fords, H. & H.
Sadler. Commentary on St. Luke. $3..
. Fott.

[blocks in formation]

- The life and times of Queen Victoria. Spear, D. Bible heaven. 50c.... Spon's mechanics' own book. O. p. $2.50....... Spon. Spurgeon. My sermon notes. V. 3. $1.. Funk & W. Steel necklace (The). Du Boisgobey, F. P, 25c. Rand, McN. Studies of great composers. Hubert, H. B. $1.75. Routledge. Sun and star calendar. Hall. $....... White, S. & A. Surgery, Operátive. Bryant, J. D. $5; shp. $6. Appleton. Sutherland, J. Talks on living subjects. 6oc.. Revell

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