Slike stranica


47. Last days at Apswich.



48. Cabin and Gondola. By Charlotte Dunning 49. Lester's Secret. By Mary Cecil Hay.. 50. A Man of Honor. By J. S. Winter. Illustrated. 51. Stories of Provence. By Alphonse Daudet. 52. 'Twixt Love and Duty. By Tighe Hopkins. 53. A Plea for the Constitution of the United States. By George Bancroft..

54. Fortune's Wheel. By A. Innes Shand..

55. Beaconsfield's Correspondence with his Sister 56. Mauleverer's Millions. By T. Wemyss Reid 57. What Does History Teach; By J. S. Blackie.. 58. The Last of the Macallisters. By Mrs. A. Barr.. 59. Cavalry Life. By J. S. Winter.

60. Movements of Religious Thought in Britain. By John Tulloch..

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89. A Playwright's Daughter. By Annie Edwardes, 25 90. Our Radicals. A Tale of Love and Politics.




91. A Wicked Girl, By Mary Cecil Hay


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93. Francis. A Socialistic Romance. By M. Dal





94. Baptized with a Curse. By Edith S. Drewry. 95. Comediettas and Farces. By John Madison Mor


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63. Our Sensation Novel. By Justin H. McCarthy.. 64. In Shallow Waters. By Annie Armitt.. 65. Tulip Place. By Virgínia W. Johnson..


97. The Phantom City. A Volcanic Romance. By William Westall..


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66. With the King at Oxford. By Rev. A. J. Church.
67. Sea-Life Sixty Years Ago. By Captain G. Bayly.
68. Doom! An Atlantic Episode. By J. H. McCarthy.
69. The Choice of Books. By Frederick Harrison...
70. Aunt Rachel. By D. Christie Murray..
71. Goethe's Faust. Translated by John Anster
The Evil Genius. By Wilkie Collins.
The Absentee. By Maria Edgeworth..
74. If Love be Love. Á Forest Idyl. By D. C. Gibbs..
75. French and Geman Socialism. By R. T. Ely..
76. King Arthur. Not a Love Story. By Miss Mulock
77. The Head Station. By Mrs. Campbell-Praed.
78. Army Society. By J. S. Winter. Illustrated.
79. Pluck. By J. S. Winter..

80. Her Own Doing. By W. E. Norris.
81. Cynic Fortune. By D. Christie Murray.
82. Effie Ogilvie. By Mrs. Oliphant.




101. The Chaplain's Craze. By G. Manville Fenn... Between Two Loves. A Tale of the West Riding. By Amelia E. Carr.

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512. What's Mine's Mine. By George Macdonald.. 513. Aunt Parker. By B. L. Farjeon...

514. Until the Day Breaks. By Emily Spender.. 515. Griselda. By the Author of "The Garden of Eden'

516. Lord Vanecourt's Daughter. By Mabel Collins.. 517. The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous. By George Augustus Sala

518. The Mystery of Allan Grale. By Isabella F. Mayo...

519. The Last Days of the Consulate. From the French by M. Fauriel. Edited by M. L. Lalanne

520. Major Frank. By A. L. G. Bosboom-Touissaint. Translated by James Akeroyd..

521. War and Peace. A Historical Novel. By Count Léon Tolstoi. Translated by Clara Bell. Part II. The Invasion, 1807-1812...

5214. War and Peace. A Historical Novel. By Count Léon Tolstol. Translated by Clara Bell. Part III. Borodino, the French at Moscow-Epilogue-1812-1820.

522. Demos: A Story of English Socialism
523. Trust Me. By Mrs. John Kent Spender..
524. England's Supremacy. By J. S. Jeans..

525. A Stern Chase. By Mrs. Cashel Hoey..

535. Like Lucifer. By Denzil Vane.
536. Keep My Secret. By G. M. Robbins.

537. The Chilcotes; or, Two Widows. By Lesli: Keith..


538. The One Thing Needful. By Mrs. M. E. Braddon..

539. Two Pinches of Snuff. By William Westall. 540. The Court of France: 1514-1559. By Lady Jack

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541. St. Briavels. By Mary Deane..

542. Ottilie. By Vernon Lee.-The Prince of the Hundred Soups. Edited by Vernon Lee.

543. Ancient American Politics. By Hugh J. Hastings 20 544. Both in the Wrong. By Mrs. John Kent Spender. 20 545. Autobiography of Leigh Hunt

546. Clare of Claresmede. By Charles Gibbon.
547. The Touchstone of Peril. By R. E. Forrest

20 548. This Man's Wife. By George Manville Fenn..
549. Paston Carew, Millionaire and Miser. By E.
Linn Linton.


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550. Sir James Appleby, Bart. quoid..

551. The Children of Gibeon.

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By Katharine S. Mac

By Walter Besant.

552. King Solomon's Mines. By H. Rider Haggard.. 553. Mohawks. By Miss M. E. Braddon....

554. The Son of His Father. By Mrs. Oliphant. 555. A Daughter of the People. By Georgiana M. Craik (Mrs. A. W. May)...

556. A Wilful Young Woman. By the author of "Who is Sylvia?"

Besant. Profusely illustrated..






557. The World Went Very Well Then. By Walter



20 20

559. John Westacott. By James Baker..

558. She: A History of Adventure. By H. Rider Haggard. Profusely Illustrated..

HARPER & BROTHERS' CATALOGUE sent on receipt of Ten Cents in stamps for postage.

526. The Russian Storm-Cloud. By Stepniak.. 527. Kiled in the Open. By Mrs. Edward Kennard.. 528. Marjorie; or, Wild as a Hawk. By K. S. Macquoid..

529. In the Old Palazzo. By Gertrude Forde..





Adams (C. F., Jr.) Chapters of Erie. 12mo. (A new impression.)...
Arthur's (J. C.), Barnes' (C. R.). and Coulter's (J. M.) Plant Dissection.

[blocks in formation]

Exercises to Practical Rhetoric. Paper.

Erckmann-Chatrian's Le Blocus. Cloth, $1.10; paper.

Madame Therese. Cloth, $1.00; paper.

Gallaudet's (E. M.) International Law..

Goethe's (J. von) Poems. Translated by W. H. GIBSON. 16mo.
Goodell's (T. D.) The Greek in English...

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Grimm's (J. & W.) Kinder und Hausmarchen.


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Mitchell's (J. A.) The Romance of the Moon. Illustrated..
Muller's (Max) Deutsche Liebe. 12mo, paper..

I 00


Noel's (Maurice) Buz. The Life and Adventures of a Honey-Bee. Square 12mo.
Norris's (W. E.) A Bachelor's Blunder. 8vo, paper..
Packard's (A. S.) Elementary Zoology..

I 00


I 00

Preparatory Latin and Greek Texts. (Latin Part, $1.00; Greek Part, 75c.) I vol.. 1 50 Prig. Life of a Prig. 16m0...


(By the.) The Venerable Bede.
Remsen's (Ira) Chemistry, Briefer Course. "American Science Series."
Sedgwick's (W. T.) and Wilson's (E. B.) Biology. Svo
Tensler's (M. J.) Game of French Conversation. (In a box)..
Game of German Conversation. (In a box). ...


Whitney's (W. D.) Practical French Grammar. 12mo...

Key to Whitney's Practical French Grammar. 12mo.

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Gift's (Theo.) Pretty Miss Bellew....
Hardy's (Thos.) The Trumpet-Major. I 00" 30c

The Mayor of Casterbridge.... I 00" 30c
Parr's (Mrs.) Hero Carthew...
Sergeant's (Adeline) No Saint.
Walford's (L. B.) History of a Week..


(The "Leisure Season Series" is bound in flexible cloth, 16mo.)

100 25c

100" 30c

I 00 25c

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Published During the Year 1886, by

Houghton, Mifflin & Company,


AGASSIZ, Louis and Elizabeth C. A Journey in Brazil. New Popular Edition. With illustrations and new map. Crown 8vo, gilt top, $2.50.

Life and Works of Louis Agassiz. New Uniform Edition. Including Geological Sketches, First and Second Series (each $1.50), Methods of Study in Natural History ($1.50), A Journey in Brazil ($2.50), and Life and Letters of Louis Agassiz. 2 vols. ($4.00). The set, 6 vols., crown 8vo, gilt top, $10.00.

AKERS, Elizabeth. The Silver Bridge and other Poems. 16mo, gilt top, $1.25.

Horace E. Scudder. With maps and indexes. Each
volume, uniform, 16mo, gilt top, $1.25.
California. By Josiah Royce.

ANDERSON, William. The Pictorial Arts of
Japan. Illustrated with 80 plates and 150 wood-cuts.
etc. With full text. Edition limited. In four sections.
The set, $50.00. (Sold only by Subscription.)

The Same. Artist's Proof Edition. With plates on Japanese paper. Edition limited to 100 copies. The set, $100.00. (Sold only by Subscription.)

ANDOVER REVIEW, Editors of the. Progressive Orthodoxy. By the Editors of the Andover Review, Professors in Andover Theological Semi16m0, $1.00.


BACON, Edwin M. Dictionary of Boston. New Edition, revised. With introduction and map. Crown 8vo, $2.00.

Boston Illustrated. An artistic and pictorial description of Boston and its surroundings. Containing full descriptions of the city and its immediate suburbs, its Public Buildings and Institutions, Business Edifices, Parks, etc., etc., with numerous historical allusions. New edition, revised, and containing additional illustrations and map. 12mo, paper, 50 cents.

BROWN, Moses True. The Synthetic Philosophy of Expression, as applied to the Arts of Reading, Oratory, and Personation. With Diagrams. Crown 8vo, $2.00.

BULL, Sara C. Life of Ole Bull. With portrait, illustrations, etc. New Edition, revised. Crown 8vo, $1.50.

BURROUGHS, John. Signs and Seasons. 16m0, gilt top, $1.50.

CABINET EDITIONS OF THE POETS. The volumes include the poems of Burns, Harte, Longfellow, Longfellow's "Christus," Lowell, Owen Meredith's "Lucile," Procter, Saxe, Scott, Tennyson, and Whittier. Each, 16m0, $1.00.

CALENDARS FOR 1887. Compiled from the works of Browning (new), Hawthorne (new), Emerson, Holmes, Longfellow, Lowell, Mrs. Whitney, and Whittier, on an entirely new plan. Mounted on cards, decorated in colors, 50 cents each.

CHILD, Prof. Francis J. English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Edition de Luxe, strictly limited to 1000 copies. In eight parts. Part IV. Imperial quarto, per part, $5.00, net.

Poems of Religious Sorrow, Comfort, Counsel, and Aspiration. New Edition. 16mo, $1.25.

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CRADDOCK, Charles Egbert. In the Clouds. A Novel. 16mo, $1.25.

CRANCH, Christopher P. Ariel and Caliban. Poems 16mo, gilt top, $1.25.

The Eneid of Virgil. Translated into English Blank Verse by C. P. Cranch. New Edition, reduced in price. 8vo, gilt top, $2.50.

DARLEY, F. O. C. Sixteen Outline Illustrations to the Evangeline of H. W. Longfellow. New and cheaper Phototype Edition. Quarto, gilt top, $7.50.

DELAND, Margaret. The Old Garden. Poems. Limited Edition. 16mo, $1.25.

De LONG, George W. and Emma. The Voyage of the Jeannette." The Ship and Ice Journals of Lieutenant-Commander De Long, U. Š. N. With Steel Portraits, Maps, Illustrations, and fac-simile. New One-Volume Edition. 8vo, $4.50.

DUNNING, Charlotte. A Step Aside. A Novel. 16m0, $1.25.

ELLIS, Howard, Editor. The Reporter Digest. Being a Digest of the Reporter, Volumes 1-17 (18761884) and the American Law Times Reports, Volumes 1-4 (1874-1877), etc., etc. 8vo, $8.00, net.

THE ENGLISH DRAMATISTS. Edited, and with Notes by A. H. Bullen. Each volume 8vo, $3.00. Large-Paper Edition, 8vo, $4.00, net. 5-8-Works of Thomas Middleton. (In four volumes, completing the set of eight volumes.) FIRTH, Abraham, Editor. Voices for Speechless. Selections for Schools and Private Reading. New Edition, much enlarged. 16m0, $1.00. FROTHINGHAM, O. B. Life of William Henry Channing. With Portrait. Cro

[ocr errors]


FURNESS, Wm. Henry, D.D. Verses, Translations from the German, and Hymns. 16mo, illuminated vellum, $1.25.

The Story of the Resurrection Told Once More. With Remarks upon the Character of Jesus, etc. New Edition, with Additions. 12mo, gilt top, $1.00.

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE LIBRARY. The chief contents of the Gentleman's Magazine from 1731 to 1868. Edited by G. Laurence Gomme, F.S.A. In 14 volumes, each with Notes, etc. Each volume, 8vo, $2.50; Roxburgh, printed on hand-made paper, $3.50, net: Large-Paper Edition. Roxburgh (50 copies), printed on hand-made paper, $6.00, net. Single volumes sold in cloth only.

5,6-Archæology. Parts I. and II.


GLADDEN, Washington. Applied Christianity. Moral Aspects of Social Questions. 16mo, gilt top, $1.25.

The Lord's Prayer. New Edition. 16mo, gilt

top, $1.00. GRAY, George Zabriskie. Husband and Wife. Revised Edition. 16mo, gilt top, $1.00.


A Complete Report of the Debate on "Future Probation " at the meeting of the American Board in Des Moines. 8vo, paper, 25 cents. GUNSAULUS, Frank W. The Transfiguration of Christ. 16mo, gilt top, $1.25.

The Wind of

HARDY, Arthur Sherburne.
Destiny. A Novel. 16mo, $1.25.
HARTE, F. Bret. The Queen of the Pirate
Isle. Illustrated by Kate Greenaway. Small 4to, full
gilt, $1.50.

Snow-Bound at Eagle's. 18mo, $1.00. HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel. Works. Little Classic Edition. Each volume contains an illustration. In 25 volumes (including index). 18mo, each, $1.00; the set, in box, $25.00.

New Fireside Edition. Illustrated. 6 vols., crown 8vo, $10.00. (Sold only in sets.)

HAZARD, Caroline. Memoir of the Rev. J. Lewis Diman. Crown 8vo, gilt top, $2.00.

HEAD, Franklin H. Shakespeare's Insomnia and the Causes Thereof. 16mo, parchment paper cover, 75 cents.

[blocks in formation]

HOWELLS, William Dean, and others. A Memorial of the Life and Genius of George Fuller. With Sketch of the Life of Fuller by W. D. Howells, a Sonnet by Whittier, an estimate of Fuller's genius by F. D. Millet, reminiscences and criticisms by Messrs. Stillman, Ball, Enneking, and Closson, etc. Illustrated with engravings from Mr. Fuller's pictures by Closson and Cole, together with a portrait engraved by Kruell, all printed by hand on Japanese paper, and etchings by E. H. Garrett. Edition limited to 300 copies. Folio, each, $25.00, net.

HUTCHINSON, Thomas. The Diary and Letters of Thomas Hutchinson, Governor of His Late Majesty's Province of Massachusetts Bay. Edited by Peter Orlando Hutchinson. Volume II. With portraits, illuminated arms, pedigree, index, etc. 8vo, $5.00,


JAMESON, Anna. Works. New Edition. In ten volumes. Each vol. 16mo, gilt top, $1.25; the set, in box, $12.50.

JEWETT, Sarah Orne. A White Heron, and other Stories. 18mo, gilt top, $1.25.

JONES, Leonard A. Forms in Conveyancing. 8vo, sheep, $6.50.

KERR, Walter Montagu. The Far Interior. A Narrative of Travel from the Cape of Good Hope to the Lake Regions of Central Africa. Illustrated and with map. 8vo, $9.00.

KENT, Wm. The Student's Kent. An Abridg ment of Kent's Commentaries on American Law, by Eben Francis Thompson, and index. 12mo, sheep, $2.50, net.

LARCOM, Lucy, Editor. Beckonings for Every Day. A Calendar of Thought. 16mo, $1.00.

LEE, Harriet and Sophia. Canterbury Tales. New Edition. 3 vols., 16mo, $3.75.

LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth.


plete Poetical and Prose Works. New Riverside Edition, from new electrotype plates, with Text from the last revised by the author, and including all Poems which have been authorized to appear since his death. With Notes (many of them by Mr. Longfellow) giving various readings, and Literary, Historical, Biographical, and Bibliographical Information, a Table of First Lines, Indexes, etc. Together with five steel portraits of Longfellow. In eleven volumes, crown 8vo, each, $1.50; the set, $16.50; half calf, $30.25; half levant, $44.00.

Volumes 1, 2. Prose Works.

[blocks in formation]

POMEROY, John Norton. An Introduction to the Constitutional Law of the United States. Ninth Edition. Revised and enlarged by E. H. Bennett. 8vo, sheep, $5.00, net.

Lectures on International Law in Time of Peace. Edited by Theodore Salisbury Woolsey. 8vo, law sheep, $5.00, net.

PUTNAM, Eleanor. Old Salem. Edited by Arlo Bates. 16mo, $1.00.

RIVERSIDE ALDINE SERIES. Each volume, 16mo, $1.00. First Edition, limited, 16mo, uncut, $1.50. 10. Backlog Studies. By Charles Dudley Warner.



tions from the best American Authors for Home and School Use. Published monthly. Each number, 16m0, paper covers, 15 cents, net.

7, 8, 9. Grandfather's Chair. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. 16mo, boards, 45 cents, net. (This comprises Nos. 7, 8, and 9, bound together.)

19, 20. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. In two Parts. With an additional chapter completing the story of his Life, and Notes.

19, 20. The two Parts, in boards, 40 cents, net.

21. Poor Richard's Almanac, and other selections from Franklin's writings. With Notes.

22. Tanglewood Tales. By N. Hawthorne. Part I. With Notes.

[blocks in formation]

18. A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life. By Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney. (Illustrated.)

19. The Guardian Angel. By Oliver Wendell Holmes. 20. The Cruise of the Alabama. By P. D. Haywood. 21. Prudence Palfrey. By T. B. Aldrich.

22. Pilot Fortune. By Marian C. L. Reeves and Emily Read.

23. Not in the Prospectus. By Parke Danforth.

24. Choy Susan, and Other Stories. By W. H. Bishop. 25. Sam Lawson's Fireside Stories. By Harriet Beecher Stowe. (With Illustration.)

26. A Chance Acquaintance. By W. D. Howells. (Illustrated.)

RIVERSIDE POCKET SERIES. A Series of Popular Books. Each, 16mo, cloth, 50 cents.

1. Deephaven. By Sarah Orne Jewett.

2. Exile. From "Little Classics."

3. Adirondack Stories. By P. Deming.

4. A Gentleman of Leisure. By Edgar Fawcett.

5. The Snow-Image, and other Twice-Told Tales. By Nathaniel Hawthorne.

6. Watch and Ward. By Henry James.

7. In the Wilderness. By Charles Dudley Warner. 8. A Study of Hawthorne. By George P. Lathrop. 9. Detmold. By William Henry Bishop. 10. The Story of a Mine. By Bret Harte. ROBINSON, Edward. Harmony of the Four Gospels, in English, according to the Common Version. Revised Edition, from new plates. With Foot-notes from the Revised Version of 1881, and Additional Notes, by M. B. Riddle, D.D. 8vo, $1.50, net. SATCHEL GUIDE FOR THE VACATION TOURIST IN EUROPE. A New Edition for 1886, revised with additions. A compact Itinerary of the British Isles, Belgium and Holland, Germany and the Rhine, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Italy. With Maps, Street-Plans, Tables of the Comparative Values of United States and European Moneys, a Traveller's Calendar, etc. 16mo, roan, flexible, $1.50, net. SCUDDER, H. E., Editor. The Children's Book. Illustrated. New Edition. 4to, $2.50. SHAKESPEARE, William. Complete Works. Riverside Edition. Edited by Richard Grant White. With Notes. 6 vols., gilt top. The set, crown 8v0, $10.00.

SMITH, F. Hopkinson. Well-Worn Roads of Spain, Holland, and Italy; Travelled by a Painter in Search of the Picturesque. Containing 16 full-page Phototypes and pen-and-ink sketches, head and tail pieces, etc., etc., by F. Hopkinson Smith. With letter-press by the artist. Folio, $15.00.

Old Lines in New Black and White. Twelve Illustrations of Lines from Poems of Holmes, Lowell, and Whittier, reproduced from designs in charcoal by F. Hopkinson Smith. Large-paper Edition, with Illustrations on Japanese paper. Edition limited to 100 copies. In portfolio, $25.00, net.


TASWELL-LANGMEAD, Thomas Pitt lish Constitutional History. Third Edition, revised with additions. 8vo, $7.50.

TENNYSON, Alfred, Lord. Complete Poetical Works. New Riverside Edition. With Portrait. 6 vols., 16m0, uncut, $6.00. (Sold only in sets.) THAXTER, Celia. The Cruise of the Mystery, and other Poems. 16mo, parchment paper, $1.00. THOMAS, Edith M. The Round Year. Prose Papers. 16mo, gilt top, $1.25.

THE TILE CLUB. A Book of the Tile Club. Containing about 41 phototypes of representative paintings by members of the Tile Club of New York, with illustrations in the text, and portraits of members of the Club. With Letter-press by F. Hopkinson Smith and Edward Strahan. Bound from designs by Stanford White and George H. Maynard. Atlas 4to, $25.00.

VERY, Jones. Essays and Poems. New, Complete Edition. With Portrait, Introduction, and Memoir. 16mo, gilt top, $2.00.

WALL, Annie. Sordello's Story, Retold in Prose. 16mo, gilt top, $1.00.

WHERRY, Rev. E. M. A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran: Comprising Sale's Translation and Preliminary Discourse, with Notes and Emendations. With a complete Index by Rev. E. M. Wherry. In the English and Foreign Philosophical Library." Vol. III., 8vo, gilt top, $4.50; Vol. IV., 8vo, gilt top, $4.00.

WHITE, Richard Grant. Words and Their Uses. School Edition. 16mo, $1.00, net.

WHITNEY, Mrs. A. D. T. Holy-Tides. Seven Songs for the Church's Seasons. 16mo, parchmentpaper covers, 75 cents.

Homespun Yarns. Short Stories. 12mo, $1.50. WHITTIER, John Greenleaf. Saint Gregory's Guest, and Recent Poems. 16mo, parchment

covers, $1.00.

WINSOR, Justin, Editor. Narrative and Critical History of America. With Bibliographical and Descriptive Essays on its Historical Sources and In Authorities. With Portraits, Maps, Fac-similes, etc.

8 royal 8vo volumes. Each volume, $5.50; sheep, $6.50; half morocco, $7.59. (Sold only by subscription for the entire set.) The following volumes are now ready :

2. Spanish Discoveries and Conquests in America. 3. English Discoveries and Settlements in America.

4 French Discoveries and Settlements in America, with Chapters on the Dutch and Swedes.

WRIGHT, Wm. Burnet. Ancient Cities, from the Dawn to the Daylight. 16mo, $1.25. WYMAN, Lillie Chace. Poverty Grass. 16m0, $1.25.

For sale by all Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, on receipt of price by the Publishers,


4 Park Street, Boston; 11 East 17th Street, New York.

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