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Office of Publication at the Boston Public Library, Boylston Street, Boston. Published weekly. Subscription, $1.50 a year.

Entered at the Boston, Mass., Post Office, as second-class mail matter, October 23, 1893.

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Contents. The notary's nose.-The marchioness's mother.-Uncle and nephew.-Gor

ALEXANDER, Sir William, earl of Stirling.


Poetical works. Now first collected and edited, with memoir and notes.
Glasgow. Ogle. 1870, 72. 3 v. Sm. 8°.

BASIL ST. JOHN. An autumn tale.

Edinb. Edmonston & D. 1865. xi, 392 pp. Pl. 8°.

BOSTON. City registrar.



Bills of mortality, 1810-1849. [Prepared by Samuel A. Hewes.] With an essay on the vital statistics of Boston from 1810 to 1841 by Lemuel Shattuck.

Bost. 1893. xliii, 87 pp. 8°.

BOWEN, Clarence Winthrop.
Woodstock; an historical sketch.

N. Y. Putnam. 1886. 64 pp.




BROCKHAUS, Friedrich Arnold, and Heinrich Eduard


Ueber die Verhältnisse der Buchhandlung F. A. Brockhaus zu Herrn Hofrath J. P. Eckermann in Beziehung auf das Werk "Gespräche mit Goethe in den letzten Jahren seines Lebens."

Leipz. 1846. iv, 111 pp.

CARLETON, William. 1798-1869.
Rody the rover; or, the ribbonman.



Dublin. Duffy. [1845.] 239 pp. 24°.

CHRISTMAS blossoms, and New Year's wreath, for 1847.
Bost. Phillips & S. 1847. Illus. 12°.



CUETO, Leopoldo Augusto de, marqués de Valmar.
Historia crítica de la poesía castellana en el siglo XVIII. 3a ed.
Madrid. Rivadeneyra.

castellanos. Críticos.] 16°.

DAHL, Friedrich.

1893. 2 v.

[Colección de escritores


Die Halobates-Ausbeute der Plankton-Expedition.

Kiel. Lipsius & T. 1893. 9 pp. Illus. [Ergebnisse der

Plankton-Expedition. B. 2, G. a a.] 4°.


Glasgow. Wilson & McC. 1886. 161 pp. 16°.

Bruce a drama in five acts.


Segelhandbuch für den Atlantischen Ozean.

tables. 8°; Atlas, (4), 11 pp. 36 pl. L. f.

Contemporary Scottish verse.



Hamburg. Friederichsen. 1882, 85. Text, x, (1), 595 pp. 3

DOUGLAS, Sir George Brisbane, 5th bart., ed.


Lond. Scott. [1893.] xxii, (1), 348 pp. [Canterbury poets.] 16°. DUNCAN, Henry.

Tales of the Scottish peasantry. New ed.

Edin. Oliphant & co. [1863.] 321 pp. Illus. 16°.

DUPUY, Eliza Ann.



The Huguenot exiles; or, the times of Louis XIV. A historical novel.


N. Y. Harper. 1856. 453 pp. 12°.

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Lond. Scott. 1892. 208, xxxii pp. [Great writers.] 8°. Appended, bibliography by John P. Anderson.

FAITH and criticism. Essays by congregationalists.

N. Y. Dutton.

1893. viii, 430 pp. 12°.


Contents.-The Old Testament, by W. H. Bennett.-The New Testament, by W. F. Adeney. Revelation and the person of Christ, by P. T. Forsyth.-Christ and the Christian, by E. A. Lawrence.-The atonement, by R. F. Horton.-Prayer, by H. A. Thomas.-The kingdom and the church, by F. H. Stead.-Christian missions, by E. Armitage.-Church and state, by T. Raleigh.



On the knowledge and love of God: and on the exercises of piety and devotion.

FOSTER, Hannah.

Worcester. Harris. n. d. 124 pp. 32°.


The coquette; or, the history of Eliza Wharton, a novel : founded on fact. By a lady of Massachusetts. 30th ed.

GURLITT, Cornelius.

Bost. Gaylord. 1840. 264 pp. 24°.


Andreas Schlüter.

Berlin. Wasmuth. 1891. vi, 242 pp. Illus. Pls. L. 8°.

GUTHRIE, Thomas Anstey.


Mr. Punch's pocket Ibsen: a collection of some of the master's bestknown dramas condensed, revised, and slightly rearranged for the benefit of the earnest student. By F. Anstey [pseud.].

N. Y.


Macmillan & co. 1893. Illus. 16°.


Norman Leslie; a tale of Scottish history in the sixteenth century. By C. G. H.

Lond. Nisbet. 1850. xii, 372 pp. Sm. 8°.

HARDY, Elizabeth.

6597.83 Owen Glendower; or, the prince in Wales. An historical romance.


Lond. Bentley. 1849. 2 v.

2 v. Sm. 8°.

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HISTORY of Northumberland.



Issued under the direction of the

Northumberland county history committee. [Ed. by Edward Bateson. Vol. 1.]

Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Reid & co. 1893.

Plans. Maps. 4°.

Contents.-1. The parish of Bamburgh, by E. Bateson.

V. Illus. Pls.

* *2500a.134

HOWARD, Joseph Jackson, and Frederick Arthur CRISP, eds.

Visitation of England and Wales. Vol. 1.
[Lond.] Privately pr. 1893.

JEROME, Jerome Klapka.

Novel notes.

KEDDIE, Henrietta.

V. Illus. Pls. F.


N. Y. Holt. 1893. Illus. 12°.


Wearing the willow; or, bride Fielding. A tale of Ireland and Scotland sixty years ago.

Lond. Parker. 1860.
1860. (3), 343 pp. Sm. 8°.



The Chicago massacre of 1812 with illustrations and historical documents.

Chic. Dibble publ. co. 1893. 234 pp. Illus. Portrs. Pls. 12°. KRUEMMEL, Otto. *7880.5 Reisebeschreibung der Plankton-Expedition, nebst Einleitung von Dr. Hensen, und Vorberichten von Drr. Dahl, Apstein, Lohmann [etc.]. Kiel. Lipsius & T. 1892. vii, 370, (1) pp. Illus. Pls. Maps. Tables. [Ergebnisse der Plankton-Expedition. B. 1, A.] LAYCOCK, Samuel.

Warblin's fro' an owd songster.



Oldham. Clegg. [1893.] xv, (1), 376 pp. Portr. Pls. 8°.

LEIGHTON, Alexander. 1800-1874.

Curious storied traditions of Scottish life. 2d ed.


Edin. Nimmo. 1860.
1860. viii, (1), 325 pp.

Pl. Sm. 8°.

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Die Halacarinen der Plankton-Expedition.

Kiel. Lipsius & T. 1893. 11-95 pp. Illus. 13 pl. [Ergebnisse der Plankton-Expedition. B. 2, G. a ß.] 4°.

MAC CLINTOCK [McClintock], Letitia.


A boycotted household.

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Parish papers.

N. Y. Putnam. [1893.] Illus. 8°.

Lond. Strahan & co. 1862. viii, 328 pp. Sm. 8°.

MARTYN, William Carlos.

John B. Gough, the apostle of cold water.


N. Y. Funk & W. 1893. 336 pp. Portr. [American reformers.] 12°.

MAXWELL, Charles Alfred.


Sm. 8°.

The sea kings of Orkney. And other historical tales.
Edinb. Nimmo. 1870. (7), 436 pp. Pls.

MOLLESON, Alexander.

No. 2 in 6609a.57

Beauties of select living poets, with remarks on their poetry.
Glasgow. Chapman. 1808. (7), 146 pp.


MONKHOUSE, William Cosmo.

Life of Leigh Hunt.

Sm. 8°.


Lond. Scott. 1893. 250 pp. [Great writers.] 8°. Appended, a bibliography by John P. Anderson.

MOUREAU, Adrien.

Les Moreau.


Paris. Pierson. [1893.] 146, (1) pp. Illus. Portrs. Pls.

[Les artistes célèbres.] L. 8°.

MURRAY, James, of Old Cumnock, Ayrshire.

Songs of the covenant times. By an Ayrshire minister.
Edin. Nimmo. 1861. (3), 216 pp. Pl. Sm. 8°.


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