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Office of Publication at the Boston Public Library, Boylston Street, Boston. Published weekly. Subscription, $1.50 a year.

Entered at the Boston, Mass., Post Office, as second-class mail matter, October 23, 1893.

The numbers under 2110 will be found in Lower Hall.

ATTAYDE, Eleutherio Augusto.

Regulamento das alfandegas e mesas de rendas.


Rio de Janeiro. Typ. nacional. 1866. xiii, 295, 104, 76, 15, 5, (1) pp. Tables. 8°. BECKER, Heinrich.


Die Brahmanen in der Alexandersage. Beigabe zum Programm des Königlichen Friedrichs-Kollegiums.

Leipz. Fock. 1889. (1), 34 pp. 8°. Largely devoted to the relations between Alexander and the Brahmans as represented by their king, Dandamis.

BEYLE, Marie Henri, ed. and tr.


Lives of Haydn [by G. Carpani] and Mozart [by A. H. F. von Schlichtegroll], with observations on Metastasio and the present state of music in France and Italy. Translated from the French of L. A. C. Bombet [pseud., by R. Brewin]. With notes, by the author of Sacred melodies [W. Gardiner]. 2d ed. Prov. Miller & H. 1820. 307 pp. 12°. BOOTH, Walter Sherman. *4338.181

Genealogy of the Booth family in England and the United States.
Minneapolis. Booth. 1892.

25, (2) pp. 12°.

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Illustrations of the passes of the Alps, by which Italy communicates with France, Switzerland and Germany.

Lond. 1828, 29. 2 v. Maps. Pls. 4°.

BUTLER, Elizabeth S.

Sixteen summers. A memorial.

CANTÙ, Cesare.

Bost. Franklin pr. [1882.] Portr. 16°.



Margherita Pusterla, racconto. Aggiuntovi: La madonna d' Imbevera, racconto; Isotta, novella; Inni sacri.

Firenze. Le Monnier. 1845. 516, (1) pp. 16°.


CHILD, The, and the bishop, together with certain memorabilia of Phillips Brooks. By an old friend.

103 pp. Illus. Portr.

Bost. Cupples & co. 1894. 103 CLARKE, Samuel, D.D. 1684-1750.

3429.37 The Christian's inheritance; or, A collection of the promises of Scripture.

Brookfield. Mirick & co. 1842. xvi, 33-191, (1) pp. 24°. Other editions have the title A collection of the promises of Scripture.

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Report on transportation business in the United States at the 11th

census, 1890. Street railways.

Wash. 1892. iv, (3), 195 pp. [U. S. Census bureau. 11th census.] L. 8°.


*7540a.61 An half century sermon, delivered at Ashburnham, Nov. 3, 1818. Worcester. Manning. 1818. 23 CUSHING, Thomas. 1814




Memorials of the class of 1834 of Harvard college. Prepared for the fiftieth anniversary.

Bost.Clapp & son. 1884. xiii, (1), 110 pp. 8°.

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Lond. Lawrence & B. 1893. vii, 134 pp. 16°.

DESOR, Edward.




Trial of the action of Edward Desor versus Chas. H. Davis, for breach of contract to write a book on the geological effects of the tidal currents of the ocean.

Bost. Stacy & R. 1852.

1852. 67 pp.


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Nueva luz y juicio verdadero sobre Felipe II. 2a ed.
Madrid. G. del Arno. 1891. xii, 591 pp. Portr. 8°.


Trété d ekritûr fonetik. 3e éd.

Lausanne. Duvoisin. 1889. 39, (1) pp. 8°.



No. 1 in 6609a,57 With other poems. [Anon.] 1802. 1802. 127 pp. Sm. 8°.

Wallace; or, the vale of Ellerslie.

Glasgow. Chapman & L.

FOSCOLO, Niccolò Ugo.


Opere scelte.

Parigi. Baudry. 1837. Portr. 8°.

Contents.-1. Ultime lettere di Jacopo Ortis.--Orazione a Bonaparte.—Dell' origine della letteratura.-Prose scelte.-Dei sepolcri.-Ricciarda.-Poesie scelte. FREEMASONRY. Maine.


The 125th anniversary of Portland lodge, March 22, 1887.

[Portland.] 1887. 33 pp. 8°.

GAUTIER, Émile Justin Armand.


De la coloration artificielle des vins et des moyens de reconnaître la fraude.


Paris. Baillière. 1876. 47, (1) pp. 8°.


No. 1 in **6510.57

An impartial account of divers proceedings the last sessions of Parliament relating to the horrid popish plot, &c.

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Lond. 1679. (1), 26 pp. Sm. fo.

No. 2 in **6510.57

GREAT BRITAIN. Parliament. House of commons.
The Commons address against the duke of Lauderdail, presented
May 9, 1679.

[Lond. 1679.] 4 pp. Sm. 4°.

GREENWOOD, Frederick.
The lover's lexicon.


Lond. Macmillan. 1893. vii, 319 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.
GRONLUND, Laurence.

The coming revolution: its principles. [Anon.]
St. Louis. Slawson & P. 1878.

On socialism.

HOFFMAN, G. Christian.


39, (1) pp. 12.


Catalogue of section I of the Museum of the Geological survey, embracing the systematic collection of minerals, and the collections of economic minerals .

Ottawa. Dawson. 1893. xi, (1), 256 pp. Folded plan.

[Canada. Geological survey. (Selwyn.)] 8°.

HOOD, Thomas.

Humorous poems. by Charles E. Brock.


With a preface by Alfred Ainger, and 130 illus.

Lond. Macmillan. 1893. xxxi, 236 pp. Sm. 8°.

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Seven, eight, forty. An anniversary sermon preached in the Church of the Transfiguration, New York, Oct. 7th, 1888.

[N. Y. Mac Breen. 1888.]
1888.] 21, (1) pp. 24°.

HOWE, Elias, jr., compiler.

Family circle glee book. Vol. 2.

Bost. Howe. 1859. 239, (1) pp. 8°, obl.


JARVIS, Edward. 1803-1884.


Address delivered at the laying of the corner stone of the Insane hospital at Northampton, Mass.

Northampton. Metcalf. 1856. 39 pp. 8°.

KNIGHT, Joseph.
Theatrical notes.

Lond. Lawrence & B. 1893. xvi, 321 pp. Portr. 8°.




The Parsifal of Richard Wagner. Trans. from the French.
N. Y. U. S. book co. [1892.] Illus.


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The religion of a literary man (Religio scriptoris).
Lond. Mathews & L. 1893. xi, 119 pp. Sm. 8°.

LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth.

Complete poetical works. Handy volume ed.


Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1893. 5 v. Portrs. 24°.

LYELL, Sir Charles, bart.

Elements of geology. 1st Amer. ed.

Phila. Kay, jun. 1839. 316 pp. Illus. Pl. 12o. The 5th edition has the title: Manual of geology [*3862.10=3867.58]. MARSHALL, William.

Nature as a book of symbols.

Lond. Hodder & S. 1893. x, 246 pp. Sm. 8°.

MASON, Lowell, compiler.




The Boston Handel and Haydn society collection of church music. [Anon.] 4th ed.

[Bost.] Richardson & L. 1826. 357, (3) pp. 24°, obl.

MEMES, John Smythe.

Memoirs of the Empress Josephine.


Edin. 1831. 372 pp. [Constable's miscellany. Vol. 72.] 24°. MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Jakob Ludwig Felix, 8041.111 Mendelssohn's four-part songs, complete. With English and German words. English version by J. C. D. Parker.

Bost. Ditson. 1856. 166 pp.


Four of the songs are on shelf-number No. 21 in *8041.29. Another collection, for men's voices, is on shelf-number 8041.32.

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