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6 v. in 10. [Libr. of Anglo-cath.

Contents. -1, pt. 1. The government of churches.-Religious assemblies, and the public service of God. Pt. 2. The right of the church in a Christian state.-Reviews. 2. The principles of Christian truth. 3. The covenant of grace. 4. The laws of the church. 5. Letter concerning the present state of religion among us.-Due way of composing differences. Just weights and measures.-True principle of comprehension.-The plea of weakness and tender consciences.-The forbearance or the penalties which a due reformation requires.-The Reformation of the Church of England better than that of the Council of Trent. -Judgment of the Church of Rome. 6. The church's right to tithes.-The power of excommunication.-The church's legislative power. The right of the state in church-matters. -Letters and papers.-Life of Thorndike, by Arthur W. Hadden.

Same. Vol. 1.


5490a.5 2643.117

Le président Jean Savaron . . . et ses rapports avec les savants de son temps.


Bellet. 1892. 100 pp. Fac-simile. 8°.

WAITE, Catherine Van Valkenburg.


The Mormon prophet and his harem; or, an authentic history of Brigham Young, his wives and children.

Camb. Hurd & H. 1866. x, 280 pp. Illus. Portrs. 12°.

WOODBURY, Charles Jeptha Hill.
Methods of reducing the fire loss.

[N. Y.


1890.] 33 pp. 8°.

From the Transactions of the Amer. soc. of mechanical engineers, v. 11 [*5910a.5]. WYZEWA, T. de.


Le baptême de Jésus, ou les quatre degrés du scepticisme.
Paris. Perrin. 1892. 68, (1) pp. [Contes chrétiens.] 16°.

The quarterly lists of new books heretofore printed in the Library Bulletin have been discontinued.

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Office of Publication at the Boston Public Library, Boylston Street, Boston. Published weekly. Subscription, $1.50 a year.

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Un homme de lettres sous l'Empire et la Restauration (Edmond Géraud). Fragments de journal intime.

Paris. Flammarion. [1893.] xxv, (1), 306 pp. Portr. 12°. ALLEN, Charles Edward.


Some Huguenot and other early settlers on the Kennebec in the present town of Dresden.

[Portland, 1892.] 31 pp. 8°.

From the Collections and proceedings of the Maine hist. soc. [*2339.1.3.] ALLINGHAM, John Till.

**K.38.31 Mrs. Wiggins: a comic piece, in two acts. (2d American, from the first London edition of 1802.)

N. Y. D. Longworth. 1808. 36 pp. 24°.

AMALFI, Gaetano.

La regina Giovanna nella tradizione.

Napoli. Priore. 1892. 34 pp. 8°, 1. p.

AMHERST COLLEGE. Classes. Class of 1881.



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Bost. Wilkins, C. & co.


Pride and prejudice: a novel. With a biographical notice.
1848. 326 pp. 12°.

BAKER, Henry Barton.

Strafford. A romance.

Lond. Routledge. 1879. 379 pp. Sm. 8°.

A story of the time of Charles the First.



BALL, Eustace Alfred Reynolds.


Mediterranean winter resorts. With special articles on the principal invalid stations by resident English physicians. 2d ed.

Lond. Stanford. 1892. resorts" guides. No. 1.]

xiv, 336 pp. 1892. xiv, 336 pp. Sm. 8°.

Illus. Map. [“ Winter



A great man of the provinces in Paris. Trans. by Katharine Prescott Wormeley.


Bost. Roberts. 1893. 12o.


Bost. Cong. S.-s. and pub. soc.

BANIM, Michael.

[1891.] 12°.


Eleanor and I, a tale of the days of King Richard II.

The town of the Cascades.

BANKS, Henry.

Lond. Chapman & H. 1864. 2 v. Sm. 8°.

4448.241 No. 3 in **G.321.12

The vindication of John Banks of Virginia, against foul calumnies by Judge Johnson . . . Also, the vindication of General Henry Lee, of Virginia. With sketches and anecdotes.

Le chevalier Des Touches. [Roman.]

Paris. Lemerre. [1893.] (7), ii, (1), 284 pp.

BAYLY, Elizabeth Boyd.

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Alfreda Holme: a story of social life in Australia.
Lond. Jarrold. [1892.] 531 pp.

BEAZLEY, Samuel.

The boarding house; or, five hours at Brighton. A musical farce, in two acts. (From the 2d Lond. ed. of 1811.)

N. Y. The Longworths. 1812. 43, (1) pp. 24°.

Without the music.

BELLIO, Victor.
Cristoforo Colombo.

Con 10 tavole.


Milano. Hoepli. 1892. (5), 159 pp. Portr. Pls. Maps.

[Manuali Hoepli.] 24°.

BERTIN, Louis Émile.

État actuel de la marine de guerre.


Paris. Gauthier-Villars. [1893.] 188 pp. Illus. 12 pl.

[Encyclopédie scientif. des aide-mémoire.] 8°.



Architetti, ingegneri e matematici in relazione coi Gonzaga, signori di Mantova, nei secoli xv, xvi e xvii.


Genova, 1889. 140 pp. 8°.


Martiri del libero pensiero e vittime della Santa inquisizione nei

[blocks in formation]

Paris. Charpentier. 1890. (5), 298 pp. Pl. [La nouvelle

collection.] 12°.

BIDDULPH, Paulina.

Lettice; a tale of the siege of Chester. [1644.]
Lond. Simpkin. 1890. 91 pp. Sm. 8°.

BIENEMANN, Friedrich.



Aus den Tagen Kaiser Pauls. Aufzeichnungen eines kurländischen Edelmanns.

Leipz. Duncker & H. 1886. xvi, 240 pp. 8°.

BIERNATZKI, Johann Christoph.


The Hallig or, the sheepfold in the waters. A tale of humble life on the coast of Schleswig. Trans. by Mrs. George P. Marsh. With a biographical sketch of the author.

Bost. Gould & L. 1856. 298 pp. 12°.
BLACKWELL, Antoinette Brown.
The philosophy of individuality or the one and the many.
N. Y. Putnam. 1893. x, 519 pp. 8°.


Les récits de l'oncle Paul.



Paris. Quantin. [1893.] (7), 276 pp. Illus. Pls. [Biblio

thèque de l'éducation maternelle.] 16°.

BORELLI, Octave, called Borelli Bey.

La législation égyptienne annotée. Partie 1. cours de Paul Ruelens.

Bruxelles. Weissenbruch. 1892.

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Check-list of American and English periodicals, including all jour


nals indexed in Poole's index.


The adventures of Denis.

Bost. 1892. 32
1892. 32 pp. 8°.


Lond. National society's depos. [1892.] 202 pp. Illus. Sm. 8°.

A story of Derbyshire in 1745. BREWER, Ebenezer Cobham.


The political, social, and literary history of France, brought down to the current year. With a sketch of the presidents of the new republic.) 8th ed.

Lond. Jarrold. 1893. 1893. BRIGGS, Charles Frederick.

[blocks in formation]

Bankrupt stories. [The haunted merchant.] By Harry Franco


N. Y. Allen. 1843. 381 pp. Pl. 8°.

BROOKE, Frances Moore.


The history of Emily Montague. By the author of Lady Julia Mandeville.

Lond. Dodsley. 1769. 4 v. Sm. 8°.

BROWN, Peter Hume, ed.
Scotland before 1700 from contemporary documents.
Edin. Douglas. 1893. xix, 368 pp. Maps. 8.

BUCHANAN, Robert Williams.



Tragic dramas from history. With legendary and other poems.

Edin. Edmonstone & D. 1868. 2 v. Sm. 8°.

Contents.-1. Wallace.-James the First of Scotland.-The British brothers. 2. Gaston Phoebus.-Edburga.—Legendary and other poems.-Sonnets.

Text, *3761.101; Portfolio, * *Cab. 37.18.1

BURDETT, Henry Charles.

Hospitals and asylums of the world: their origin, history, construction, administration, management, and legislation; with plans of the chief medical institutions.

Lond. Churchill. 1891-93. Text, 4 v. L. 8°. Portfolio, Fo. Contents.-1. Asylums: history and administration. 2. Asylum construction, with plans and bibliography. 3. Hospitals: history and administration. 4. Hospital construction, with plans and bibliography.

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