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Office of Publication at the Boston Public Library, Boylston Street, Boston. Published weekly. Subscription, $1.50 a year.

The numbers under 2110 will be found in Lower Hall.

BACON, Francis, Lord.


Novum organum; or, true suggestions for the interpretation of


Lond. Routledge. 1893. [Sir John Lubbock's hundred


books.] Sm. 8°.
BAGENAL, Philip Henry Dudley.

The priest in politics.

Lond. Hutchinson. 1893. xii, 212 pp. Sm. 8°.


BEAUCOURT, Gaston Louis Emmanuel DU FRESNE, marquis de. Histoire de Charles VII.

Paris. Soc. bibliog. 1881-91. 6 v. Pl. Portrs. Map.

Fac-similes. 8°.



The star of the West; being memoirs of Risdon Darracott, minister at Wellington, Somerset. 1st Amer. ed.

Brookfield. Merriam. 1829. 216 pp. 12o.

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BRAZIER, Nicolas, and Adrien Jean Baptiste MUSSAT, called JOLLY.
L'ivrogne tout seul, ou j'ai ma cachette, vaudeville.
Paris. Fages. 1812. 12 pp. 12°.

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Paris. Reinwald. 1881. xvi, 500 pp. Illus. 8°. CAARTEN, Gerard Bicker.


De assurantie in quovis.

Rotterdam, 1886. (10), 184 pp. CATHERWOOD, Mary Hartwell.



Old Kaskaskia.

Bost. Houghton, M. & co. 1893. 16°.


CAVALCASELLE, Giovanni Battista, and Joseph Archer CROWE.
Storia della pittura in Italia dal secolo II al secolo XVI.
Firenze. Le Monnier. 1883-92. 5 v. Pls. 8°.

Vol. 1 is of the 2d ed. COLE, Samuel W.


New England conservatory course in sight singing. (Solfeggio.) Books 1-3.

Bost. N. Eng. conservatory of music. 1892. 3 v. COLLYER, Robert.



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Hide and seek. A story of the New forest in 1647.
Lond. Soc. for prom. Christian knowledge. [1881.] ii, 223 pp.

Illus. Sm. 8°.

COX, Marian Roalfe.


Cinderella. 345 variants of Cinderella, Catskin, and Cap o' rushes, abstracted and tabulated, with a discussion of mediaeval analogues, and notes. With an introd. by Andrew Lang.

Lond. Nutt. 1893. lxxx, 535 pp. [Folk-lore society. Publications. 31.] 8°.

Bibliographical index, pp. lxxiii-lxxx.

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Quest and vision. Essays in life and literature. [2d ed.]

Lond. Hodder & S. 1892. (1), 286 pp. Sm. 8°. Contents.-Shelley.-Wordsworth and his message.-Religious doubt and modern poetry. -Longfellow.-George Eliot.-George Meredith.-The new realism: Olive Schreiner, Mark Rutherford, Rudyard Kipling, J. M. Barrie.-The poetry of despair.

D., W. B. Y.

The clachan of Campsie. By W. B. Y. D.

Edin. Elliot. n. d. 32 pp. Sm. 8°.


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Oration upon the crown. Trans., with notes, by Henry, lord Brougham.

Lond. Routledge. 1893. [Sir John Lubbock's hundred

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Mental life and culture: essays and sketches. Ed. by Louis A.



Phila. Lippincott. 1893. vi, 3-256 pp. 12°.
EDGAR, John George.
Runnymede and Lincoln fair. A story of the Great charter.
Lond. Beeton. [1866.] vi, 328 pp. Pls. 8°.

ELLIOTT, Sarah Barnwell.


John Paget, a novel.

N. Y. Holt. 1893. 12°.

ELSON, Louis Charles.


The realm of music. A series of musical essays, chiefly historical and educational.

Bost. N. E. conservatory of music. 1892. (6), 314 pp. FAELTEN, Carl.

12o. 8050.85

Piano-forte course for the New England conservatory of music. Book 1-4.

Bost. N. Eng. conservatory of music. [Cop. 1888.] 4 pts. in 1 v. 4°. FAELTEN, Carl.


Teacher's manual for piano-forte course. For the New England conservatory of music.

FINCK, Henry Theophilus.

Bost. 1889.

Wagner and his works. The story of his life.
N. Y. Scribner. 1893. 2 v.

FOWLER, Thomas.

57 pp.



2 portr. 8°.


The history of Corpus Christi college, with lists of its members.
xiv, (1), 482 pp. Pls. [Oxford

Oxford. Clarendon pr.

historical society. 25.] 8°.

FRANKLIN, Benjamin.


Life. Written by himself. And continued by Dr. Stuber.
North Shields. Appleby. 1809. 194 pp. Sm. 8°.

FULLERTON, William Morton.



Patriotism and science: some studies in historic psychology.
Bost. Roberts. 1893. 164 pp. 16°.

Contents.-On a certain danger in patriotism at the present time.-English and "Americans."-Democracy, with reference to a recent book [Le gouvernement dans le démocratie, par de Lavelaye].

GAY, John.

Poetical works. Ed. by John Underhill.

Sm. 8°.


Lond. Lawrence & B. 1893. 2 v. Portr. [The muses' library.]

GEVAERT, François Auguste.
Cours méthodique d'orchestration.


Paris. Lemoine. [1890.] (3), vi, 330, (1) pp. 4°.


From the


Sketches of modern literature, and eminent literary men.
Lond. ed.
N. Y. Appleton. 1846. 2 v. in 1. 12°.
GILMAN, Daniel Coit.


Development of the public library in America. Address delivered at the opening of the Cornell university library, Oct. 7, 1891.

Ithaca. The university. 1891. (1), 13 pp. 4°,

GLOUCESTER, Mass. Directories.


The Gloucester directory, 1888-91, and Rockport business directory. No. 11, 12. Gloucester. Proctor. 1888, 90. 2 v. Maps. 8°. GÓNGORA Y ARGOTE, Luis de.


Cartas y poesías inéditas. Con un prólogo de Enrique Linares García. Granada. Tip. Hospital de Santa Ana. 1892. xxiv, 112, (5) pp.

Portr. Fac-simile. 8°.

GORE, Catherine Grace Frances.

The cabinet minister.

ters," etc.



By the authoress of "Mothers and daugh-
Bentley. 1839. 3 v. Sm. 8°.

Time of George III and George IV.
GRANT, James.

Laura Everingham; or, the Highlanders of glen Ora.
Lond. Routledge. [1892.] 404 pp. Sm. 8°.

GRIFFIN, Appleton Prentiss Clark.



Bibliography of the historical societies of the United States.
(Amer. hist. assoc. Annual report. 1890. Pp. 163–267.

Washington, 1890.)

Contents.-Part 1. National associations.-State societies, Alabama to Massachusetts.

GRIFFITH, William, barrister, of Gray's Inn.


The Indian transfer acts, with commentaries and statements of portions of the English, Hindu and Mahometan laws.

Madras. Higginbotham. 1892. xx, (1), 293 pp. 8°.

HARRISON, Frederic.


Annals of an old manor-house, Sutton place, Guildford. Illus. by

W. Luker, jr., W. Niven, and C. Forster Hayward.

Lond. Macmillan. 1893. xvii, (1), 231 pp. 68 pl. 4°.
Contains a pedigree of the Weston family.


The clock jobber's handybook. 2d ed.


Lond. Lockwood. 1893. (7), 159 pp. Illus. [Handybooks

for handicrafts.] Sm. 8°.


The metal turner's handybook. 4th ed.

Lond. Lockwood.

handicrafts.] Sm. 8°.

HASSELT, Gerard van.


1893. (7), 144 pp. Illus. [Handybooks for


[Fifty specimens of paper manufactured in the 14th, 15th and 16th

centuries, 1340-1579. With manuscript index.] F.

This collection was made by Van Hasselt, as a means, by the water marks, to illustrate

a history of paper making which he had in preparation, but never published. It was exhib

ited at the Caxton celebration, London, by Nicolas Trübner.

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