Islam in Russia: The Four Seasons

Routledge, 3. lip 2014. - Broj stranica: 334
A fascinating story of spiritual survival. The cultural and national reawakening that has accompanied the resurgence of Islam in Russia has contributed to the revival and renewal of Islamic thought throughout the Muslim world. The author explores how Islam vis-a-vis Russian Orthodox Christianity shaped national, political and cultural developments in the vast region of European Russia and Siberia. This volume thus presents an analysis of the history, development and future prospects for Islam in Russia based on exhaustive research of the primary and secondary sources as well as the author's own personal experience.

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The Unknown Ummah
Spring 9221229
independent Islamic state
Summer 12291400s
acceptance of Islam after the conquests of Genghis
paradox of the name misapplied
Autumn 1400s1583
The Momentum Lost
The Survival Test A new religious leadership
The Official Ulama Reappears In every winter there
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