Comparative Geography

American Book, 1865 - Broj stranica: 220

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Stranica xiii - Its outlines were, in one word, this: there are seven planets, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars,. Jupiter, and Saturn...
Stranica ix - To usour own earth is the most marked feature of nature, viewed on its inorganic side ; to us it is the planet best known of all, or rather the only one closely known, the point whence we draw conclusions on the whole universe, the resting ground for the glass that searches the Kosmos, to use HUMBOLDT'S word.
Stranica xx - Geography is the department of science that deals with the globe in all its features, phenomena, and relations, as an independent unit, and shows the connection of this unified whole with man and with man's Creator.
Stranica xxv - Ritter to study the physical structure of Europe and Asia, and thus to establish the new science of Comparative Geography. He says, " Whoever has wandered through the valleys and woods and over the hills and mountains of his own State, will be the one capable of following a Herodotus in his wanderings over the globe.
Stranica xxiii - The setting out of these facts follows the rubrical method of grouping, according to boundary, soil, mountains, rivers, products, and cities. The beginning is usually made with boundaries which are generally most unstable and uncertain, instead of being made with some rudimental fact around which all others arrange themselves as a center. If we compare these geographical treatises with those made in the interest of any other great department, we shall speedily discover that they indicate knowledge...

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